EDU 153 Name Out of class Assignment for Snow Day Make

EDU 153
Out of class Assignment for Snow Day Make-Up January 22, 2016. Due
Wednesday February 3rd. Turn in the completed Assignment at the beginning of
class on Feb 3rd, 2016. Failure to submit the assignment at the designated time
will result in an absence being recorded for January 22, 2016.
Answer each question on your own, in your own words, using information from
your text and class lectures.
EDU 153 Snow Day Makeup
Complete each statement.
1. Nutrients vary in their energy value; the per gram caloric value for carbohydrates and
proteins is ____________________ and for fat is ____________________.
2. Basal metabolic energy needs are determined by ____________________ activities.
3. For most adults, and all children, the basal metabolic energy needs are
____________________ than energy expenditure for voluntary physical activity.
4. ____________________ is the least sweet sugar, and ____________________ is the
sweetest of all sugars.
5. The form of carbohydrate circulating in the blood (blood sugar) is called
6. ____________________ is a complex carbohydrate found in fruits and vegetables that
humans are not able to digest.
7. Animal-source fats, which are high in ____________________ fat, are considered less
healthy because they may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
8. Cholesterol is found only in ____________________-source fats.
9. Proteins yield ____________________ ____________________ that are essential for
tissue growth.
10. Growth results from an increase in ____________________ and/or
____________________ of cells.
11. A protein’s dietary quality is determined by the availability of ____________________
amino acids.
12. Complete proteins are present in meats, including fish, poultry, eggs, and
____________________ products.
13. The absorption of calcium and phosphorus is improved when they are consumed in a
ratio of ____________________.
14. The ____________________ in hemoglobin is responsible for carrying
____________________ to all body cells.
15. Incomplete proteins are generally ____________________-source foods.
16. Macaroni and cheese is an example of a ___________________ protein.
17. Children who follow a vegan diet are at risk for vitamin ____________________
deficiency unless they are given a supplement.
18. The production of red blood cells is primarily dependent on two vitamins:
____________________ and _________________________.
19. Cell division is regulated by the vitamins ____________________ and
20. The class of nutrients whose only function is regulation of cellular activities is
21. Vitamins A and D are examples of ____________________-soluble vitamins.
22. ____________________ plays a critical role in the regulation of body temperature and
the chemical digestion of food.
23. Vitamin __________ is abundant in whole milk, orange and dark green vegetables, and
yellow-orange colored fruits.
24. Full-term infants are born with stores of the mineral ____________________ and the
vitamin ____________________ to last them for the first ____________________
months after birth.
25. The breast-fed infant should be supplemented with vitamin __________ soon after birth,
but the formula-fed infant should not because formulas provide generous amounts of
this vitamin and excess intake may cause toxicity.
26. It is recommended that the introduction of semisolid foods be delayed for infants whose
parents or siblings are known to have food ____________________.
27. Ingredients in commercially jarred baby foods are listed in ____________________
order based on the amount of each item present.
Short Answer
1. Why is it important not to limit fats in an infant’s or toddler’s diet?
2. Why should a child with the genetic disease PKU not be given foods that contain
aspartame, a commonly used artificial low-calorie sweetener?
2. What mineral would have a decreased availability if a person consumed numerous cans
of soda pop in a day? Explain why this happens.
4. Iron deficiency anemia is common in the post six-month-old infant and the toddler. Why
does this happen? What food sources should be served to correct this problem?
Which two vitamins and two minerals are frequently deficient in the strict
vegan diet?
Which of the above mineral deficiencies would be corrected by switching
to a lacto-vegetarian diet that includes milk and milk products?
6. What food sources supply zinc and what are the signs of a zinc deficiency?
7. List five advantages that breast milk has over formula as the first food for an infant.
8. Describe why it is so important to mix infant formulas precisely according to the
9. Why is iron-enriched cereal recommended as the first semisolid food to be given to the
10. List three reasons why a mother may choose not to breast-feed.
11. Why is it important that a caregiver hold an infant during feedings? Sate at least 3