P=C Bonds in Polymer Science and Catalysis

P=C Bonds in Polymer Science and Catalysis
Derek Gates, Department of Chemistry, University of British Colombia
The synthesis of new polymers with unique function and properties is an area that is attracting
considerable interest. This presentation will survey the recent advances in our laboratory towards
the development of addition polymerization for P=C bonds as a route to an unprecedented class
of phosphine-containing macromolecules, the poly(methylenephosphine)s. Highlighted will be
our investigations of the preparation and potential applications of block and random copolymers
of phosphaalkenes with olefins. Recent results wll be presented in the use of P-C polymers as
efficient and recyclable supports for Pd-catalyzed reactions used in organic synthesis. The
development of new chiral P=C compounds and their use in asymmetric catalysis will be