Assignment on Polymerization

Assignment on Polymerization
Answer the following questions on a (an) separate sheet(s) of paper and hand them in with this page as
the first page of the assignment. Typing is preferred but may not be necessary as long as the work is neat
and properly organized.
1) What is a polymer and what are the two types of monomers?
2. Differentiate between a synthetic and a natural polymer. Give a few example of each.
3. How are the polymers named?
4. Explain in clear terms the difference between the addition polymerization and condensation
polymerization. Explain your answer with the diagrams/reactions of the examples of both types.
5. Describe three steps in the addition polymerization process.
6. Giving correct formulas show the reactants and products in the formation of ;
a) Polyethene
b) Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
c) Polystyrene
d) Poly2-butane
7. What are plastics? What property makes them so useful?
What do the triangular signs ( codes) on plastic materials indicate?
Which is more soluble in an organic solvent, a polymer whose monomer contains a methyl group
or one that contains a carbonyl group? Explain.
10. What is vulcanization and what is its purpose?
11. List some uses of the addition polymers.
12. What is the difference between Nylon and Polyester? Give one formula of each
13. List the polymers that are used in the production of baby diapers.
14. List three natural polymers found in human body and list the monomer units of at least one of
15. Describe one very common household polymer used all over the kitchens in cooking which is a
Canadian invention.