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18th October 2015
Information on the week ahead in Year 2
Literacy – This week the children will be looking at writing instruction
for making a pizza and making a paper hat.
Mathematics – This week the children will be looking at ordering
numbers, rounding numbers less than 100 to the nearest 10. Place
value to 3, hundreds, tens and units and estimating.
Science – Children will be looking at offspring to adults, basic needs
for survival and the importance of diet and exercise.
Topic – This week the children will be looking at the seaside. With a
focus on round the world.
PE- Please ensure children wear the correct PE uniform on the
correct day.
Library Books – Please ensure that all the children have their library
books in on their library day.
Reading Books – Reading books will be changed every week. Your
teacher will let you know the day.
Other Information
 This week a school focus is on Anti Bullying and Internet
 The children will be asked to produce a poster. No bigger than
A3 paper please.