Course Syllabus, Spring 2014
Class Location:
Conference Period:
Deanna Knowles
[email protected]
601-264-7232 ext. 6105
1” binder (3-ring)
Notebook paper
Pencils or pens (only blue or black ink)
Highlighters (3 colors)
Sticky notes
The Creative Writing course will provide the student practices in the processes of composing poems, personal
descriptive and narrative essays, and short fiction. If time allows, the writing of drama may be pursued. The course
affords an opportunity for self-expression, promotes critical thinking, expands the imagination, and develops the use
of figurative and literal language. The student will pursue an independent project in creative writing. The student
will become a critical reader and editor of his/her own work and of the work of his/her classmates. The student will
be encouraged to submit works for publication.
The Mississippi Writers course focuses on the state's rich literary heritage through the study of poetry, fiction,
nonfiction, and drama. The one-semester elective course identifies major sources and themes of twentieth century
and contemporary Mississippi writing as it emerges from and contributes to historical, political, and social milieu.
The student will recognize the contribution of Mississippi writers to twentieth century American literature and
recognize that Mississippi writing is an expression of a particular place that achieves universality. Group
discussions, individual presentations, and writing experiences are suggested for this course.
GRADES (per nine-weeks)
Term grades are calculated according to this formula: 40% tests + 40 % daily grades + 20% Final Essay/Exam
As stated above, students can anticipate writing on a daily basis, both in and out of class, in relation to the readings.
Writing is a tool for learning: it is not merely the end product of thought, but a tried and true method of thinking
Students will learn to use deductive reasoning in their writing—moving from the general to the particular—and
inductive reasoning—moving from the particular to the general. English IV students write for a variety of reasons:
1) Students will write creatively to indicate knowledge of the organization, structure, and style techniques of poetry
and prose; 2) The student will produce, analyze, and evaluate effective creative communication to include poems,
novellas, autobiographies, plays, short stories, essays, etc.; 3) Students will write under time constraints, producing
papers that show both complexity and sophistication; 4) The student will use Standard English grammar, mechanics,
and sentence structure to communicate.
Students must demonstrate an ability to produce essays and written compositions that are clear, with revision, in
their intention, well organized, and supported by evidence. In order to do so, students must expect to participate in a
variety of planning, drafting, and revision activities.
All typed writing will need to conform to MLA formatting and style guidelines.
Students cannot write without reading. Therefore, students will be reading extensively for this class. This will
expose them to the breadth of literature and literary skills they will need to excel in college. All reading is also
expected to be done with great attention to detail and depth of meaning. In other words, students will learn to close
read the text, engaging in active reading, and, at times, rereading and reviewing sections to ensure all necessary
attention has been afforded the text.
Many reading assignments will be done in class, but many times, students will need to complete reading at home. I
encourage students not to fall behind on readings because it is much easier to keep up than to catch up. We will use
the texts for discussion, analysis, and writing.
HELPFUL HINTS is a free online storage space to house any documents you need. I will send invitations to anyone who
would like to use this free site rather than purchasing a jump drive. However, a jump drive will also work, and if you
do not have regular internet access, a jump drive may be a better option if you want to work on typing at home and
at school. – This is a wonderful website that provides writing tools, instruction, and tutorials as
well as an MLA formatting and style guide.
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