The Early Texans Cornell Notes Sheet

Cornell Notes
The First Texans
Essential Question:
How did the first Native
Americans or Indians get
Early Civilizations
 Native peoples _______________________ across a
land bridge from Asia
 They later made their way to Texas and developed into
four specific ____________________ of Indians:
1. _______________________
2. _______________________
3. _______________________
4. _______________________
 These cultures later divided into ____________ such as
the Apache, _____________, Karankawa, and
__________ (we’ll learn about these later!)
What are the 4 cultures of
American Indians in
What are the names of
some of the tribes that
settled in Texas?
What caused the earth to
What caused the earth to
How did the polar ice caps
What were the effects of
the cooler temperatures?
The Last Ice Age
 About _____________ years ago, the earth was in the
middle of its last major ice age.
 The earth cooled due to a ___________ in the earth’s
________________ on its axis.
 Huge amounts of ___________ froze on the ________
and ________ poles
 As more water froze and turned to ice, water
__________ around the planet _____________.
 ________________ water levels caused new land to be
 This ice age ended around ____________ years ago.
What two continents did
the land bridge connect?
What is the land bridge
called today?
Why did early man migrate
across the land bridge?
How is this known?
When did the first Texans
How did they live?
How did new technology
affect these early Texans?
Bering Land Bridge
• The ___________________ land bridge connected
Western ____________ (Siberia) to ____________
______________________ (Alaska)
 Today, the land bridge is covered by ___________. It is
now known as the ______________ _______________.
 These first American peoples followed and
________________ their __________ source.
 They were ________________, in that they moved from
place to place
 Scientists called ___________________________ study
the past and collect _________________, or objects
made or used by humans.
The First Texans
 The first Texans arrived around ___________ B.C.
 Historians have called this _______ in which they lived
“Natural Texas and Its People
 The earliest Texans were _________________________
that constantly moved and hunted large animals—they
used an ______________ to throw their spears farther
and give them more force.
 They also gathered various _________, fruits, pecans,
and acorns to eat.
 They lived in ________ ________________ or created
beds made up of plants
 Around A.D. 600-700, they started using new
technology such as the ________ and ___________ for
hunting and _______________ for cooking.
 Around A.D. 1200, the practice of _________________
or farming, allowed them to settle in one place.