Events leading to Revolution
• Things went well between the Empresarios and the
Mexican government the first few years.
• Fredonian Revolt – Hayden Edwards had received a
land grant from Mexico to settle in East Texas
(Nacogdoches) with 800 families. Squatters were
already there and when Edwards asked them to pay up
or leave they would not. The Mexican government
supported the squatters. Edwards started (Republic of
Fredonia) a revolt for Texas independence from
Mexico. The event resulted in a skirmish that was
easily crushed by the Mexican army.
General Mier Teran report
• General Teran was sent to Texas to investigate the
situation. He discovered that in East Texas Anglos
outnumbered Mexicans 5 to 1 and unless something
was done there could be a revolution.
• April 6, 1830 decree (law)
• 1. U.S. immigration ended
• 2. Empresario grants suspended
• 3. No American slaves in Texas
• 4. Taxes on goods from the U.S.
• 5. More Mexican troops
• 6. Mexico encouraged more immigration from
Europe and Mexico
Anahuac I
• Texans went to Anahuac to protest the April 6
decrees or laws. Many were thrown in jail.
Some more came to try and get the Texans
released. There was a mild skirmish resulting
in the Texans being freed.
• The Texans agreed to sign the Turtle Bayou
Resolutions – They denied ever attacking the
Mexican government and pledged loyalty to
the Mexican Constitution of 1824.
• Fight that resulted from the Texans
transporting some cannons to Anahuac.
• The Mexicans prohibited the transportation of
the cannons and a fight broke out resulting in
a Texan victory.
• Santa Anna was elected President of Mexico.
1832/33 Convention
• 1. Separate statehood within Mexico
(Constitution in 1833)
• 2. April 6 decree repealed
• 3. Better schools
• 4. Better mail service
• 5. More protection from Indians
• 6. Land titles for settlers in East Texas
Stephen F. Austin goes to Mexico
• Austin waits for months to see Santa Anna
• He sends a letter back to Texas advising to go
ahead and prepare for separate statehood
• He does finally get to visit with Santa Anna and
he agrees to everything except separate
• Austin goes back to Texas and is arrested by
Mexico on his way
• Mexico intercepted the letter and considers
Austin a traitor.
Anahuac II
• Some more Texans are arrested for not paying
their taxes
• William Barrett Travis goes to Anahuac to get the
Texans released and the Mexicans backed down
• Consultation of 1835 – Texans were split – some
wanted complete Independence and others were
still loyal to Mexico.
• General Cos orders the arrest of Travis and
Lorenzo de Zavala – helped write the Constitution
of 1824
Gonzales – October 2, 1835
• General Cos marches 1000 men into San
Antonio demanding that all weapons are
turned over to the Mexicans
• Gonzales – Colonel Ugartechea demands that
Texans give up a small brass cannon that was
loaned to them from Cincinnati.
• Come and Take It – The Texans challenged the
Mexicans with this statement. Fighting broke
out – 1st battle of the Texas Revolution.