Turner lab blurb - Monica Turner`s Landscape Ecology Lab

Turner lab blurb
Cat Frock
Research interests:
My research background includes the study of organisms that span numerous taxa (primarily
animals) in ecosystems ranging from African deserts to Alaskan rainforests. I have a strong
interest in questions at the intersection of landscape ecology and behavioral ecology, especially
their implications for the conservation of special status species. Generally, I enjoy pursuing
topics relating to large-scale processes such as habitat connectivity, climate change, and the
impacts of human activities on species and ecosystems. My interests also include:
- Movement ecology
- High-elevation/alpine mountain ecosystems
- Interspecies interactions
- Patterns of biodiversity, species distribution and abundance
Current project: TBD
Personal interests: Lots of outdoor activities: running, hiking, biking, backpacking,
rockclimbing, skiing, etc. Reading a good book, especially science fiction classics. Exploring
new places.