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Study guide Ecology 1st test

Study guide Ecology Test 1
Levels of organization
know definitions of the following and order - organism, populations, communities,
ecosystems, biomes, biosphere (see your flow map!)
Definitions from video
 Ecology, ecosystems
 Abiotic/biotic
 Populations
 Species
 Habitat
 Community
Community interactions
 Competition
 Predation
 Symbiotic relationships – mutualism, commensalism, parasitism
 See your lesson of the Kaibib and the pogil on this
Flow of energy in a ecosystem
How organisms get their energy? –
 Autotrophs – producers
 Heterotrophs – consumers, can be 1st, 2nd or 3rd level
Detritivores - decomposers
Models of energy flow – notes and worksheet
 Food chain
 Food web – Yellowstone
 Biomass/energy- pyramids
 10% Rule
Biogeochemical Cycles
 water, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus