Introduction to Ecology Video


You Tube Video - Introduction to Ecology: Ecosystems and Biomes

Name _____________________________

Earth is a complex place made up of ____________________________________________.

____________________________ looks at living things and the ___________________________ they inhabit.

Smaller, self contained environments such as ______________________, _________________, and ______________________ are examples of ecosystems. They include their own set of plants and animals and local conditions like __________________________,

__________________________ and _______________________.

Ecosystems link up to form larger areas called __________________________.

Examples: ________________________, _________________________, and

__________________________ are a few of world’s largest.

Biomes rely on abiotic factors like ______________________, _______________________,

________________________ and _____________________________________. They help living organisms, the ______________________ parts, survive.

In just about every environment the __________________ provides the main source of energy. During _____________________________ plants covert solar energy in to

_______________________ energy or _________________. They use light from the sun to transform carbon dioxide and water into simple sugars called glucose.

The flow of energy and nutrients among all organisms is known as a __________________.

The most important idea in the study of ecology is that nothing can ___________________


If one part of a given ecosystem is changed, then the rest of the ecosystem gets

___________________________. A _________________________________ is created that often extends to other environments.

By studying ecology, scientists can figure out why __________________ and

________________ behave as they do and why their behavior _____________________.

Understanding ecology is vital for the survival of all _____________________, even


The way we use our natural world affects the earth’s ability to provide the

__________________________ we need.

Ecology tells us our _____________________ have ___________________________; not only for us, but for every other living organisms that shares the planet with us.