Weather Data Doctored? What`s New?

Weather Data Doctored?
What's New?
The joke goes "How can you tell when government is lying?" "When
it is put in a report!" That isn't a joke any longer. It is costing us
Anyone who has followed the ramblings of the Rant for any length of time know there is a
perverse pleasure in pointing out the fallacies in official government figures. Whether it is about
unemployment, the selected fact inclusions within the Consumer Price Index, the stated 'goals' of
the Federal Reserve, etc. they've all been taken apart point by point.
One of the Rant's pet topics, fueled by the expertise of Dr. Carl Langner, is the global warming
myth and the role man plays in the Earth's environment. This government-engineered myth costs
American taxpayers more than $22 billion annually and has been ongoing since the late 1960s. It
has made liars rich and trimmed profits from producing companies but has been one of the most
effective redistribution of wealth programs ever enacted.
Over the past month another skeptic of official proclamations arose when Chris Booker reported
in Britain's 'The Telegraph' data from South America had been altered since at least the 1950s to
give the impression the Earth's surface temperatures have been rising more than they really have.
If you've looked at the computer-generated charts showing temperature rise from the treehuggers, we should already be baking ourselves red by now with a complete reliance since birth
on Self-Contained Underair Breathing Apparatus. Several well-known Broadway songs had their
words altered to fit the impending disaster like "East Side, West Side" in the early 70s.
In the corrupted version the song went, "North side, South side all around the square, factory
smoke is polluting every cubic inch of air. Cars and trucks together spew exhaust up and down.
We'll dance and play in gas masks on the sidewalks of our town."
Those 'scientifically-accepted' charts have been proven consistently overstated. This is no place
for data switches by politics or bias. Every writer, speaker or news anchor wants you to see the
world from his/her view. But only those who can trot out indisputable facts should be heeded. In
the EPA's world, much-maligned numbers have been the norm, not the exception.
Booker used Paul Homewood's 'Not a Lot of People Know That' blog as his starting basis which
actually demonstrates the recorded numbers are not warming but cooling in South America.
Homewood, for his part, checked data on three weather stations in Paraguay and found all three
had initial raw readings adjusted lower for the first few years and that in the mid 1970s the
alterations were moved higher to show rapid warming. This trend continues to this day.
Spurred by Booker's interest, Homewood expanded his research into data on more reporting
stations. No surprise, but Homewood found the same alteration of data in his expanded research.
Booker wrote, "In nearly every case, the one-way alterations have been made to show warming
up to 1 degree Celsius more than was indicated by the official data recorded."
Let's see, just at half a century of data was altered to indicate a temperature rise and on that
information the temperature is projected to rise another 1 to 2 degrees in the next half century by
computer models? That is a goal easily achieved if you are the one doctoring the data to make
data to put into a computer for a projection that you need to show the result necessary to scam a
few more dollars 'for necessary government programs'.
The Earth's climate is cyclical, just like the economy, albeit on a slower pace. We know Earth
had a largely tropical climate when the dinosaurs roamed, we know it had an Ice Age where ice
more than a mile thick covered most of the planet. We are somewhere in the middle now.
Believe what you want about the official weather data, my method is to step outside and see how
I feel before opting for short sleeves, jacket or coat.
The only thing you can really count on is the government will use any data it can to more easily
separate the population from the fiat it so eagerly covets. Therefore, unless you can
independently verify official data, it is only serviceable in the confines of a bathroom stall.
"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of
man."--Thomas Jefferson