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AG. UNIVERSITY LIBRARIAN [email protected] & [email protected]


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5 th

November 2015. Between 0900hrs

– 1600hrs

On social media( Twitter and Face book) 100, while the physical attendees: Faculty 46, students both undergraduate and postgraduate 100

Summary of activities

Please outline in no more than 300 words the three main highlights of your activities

On the 5 th of November 2015, the long awaited e-resources festivity kicked off with a morning session held at the plenary hall with a presentation by the Resource Person a Dr. Betty Ogange, E-Resources

Director, Maseno University. The presenter elaborated on emerging issues and virtual access of resources in the library. A hands-on training on access proceeded thereafter into the afternoon. The most outstanding session was in the afternoon where the participants were eager to know how to access the e-journals and e-books. Meanwhile, the library staff were on standby to teach the participants the processes involved in identifying the databases and downloading the materials. The chief guest who was the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs at the university implored on the benefits of e-resources but warned on issues of plagiarism. One outstanding bit was that the students for the first time appreciated the wealth of resources that existed in the library and

Report template 2015: Marketing of electronic resources by consortia and libraries 1

were of the opinion that we should be holding such events regularly to assist them in research work.

The other one was the availability of off line access to e-resources. This exited a majority of them whom could not wait to go home and start using the facility. Finally, there was the question and answer session where students asked questions based on the talk and how to go about their assignments, referencing, bridging the digital gap among others. This was then preceded by a small competition where participants paired up in groups to search the databases for the information requested. The competition was timed at ten minutes per question and finally the winners were awarded gifts (Flash disks, T-Shirts, Pens, and note books). The gifts excited the participants and majority of them could be seen making many attempts to win the prices. Some of the exiting moments was when the participants were able to access electronic journals subscribed to by the library, appreciate the difference between journals and articles in journals, identify different journals from different databases using the JOOUST electronic resources brochure, download and save files and create folders among others. To sum it up, the day was too successful.

What do you consider to be the most important achievement or the most memorable experience and how did this help you to achieve the aims of your activity?

The huge turn up for the event with learners waiting patiently to be shown how to access the electronic resources. The excitement on the faces of the participants was marvellous. Consequently, we had initially budgeted for fifty participants but ended up with more than double the number who turned up for the event. It made the whole training worthwhile since we reached a good bracket of the patrons we serve; the post graduate students, staff members and undergraduate students. The grant enabled the library organize a successful event that incorporated JOOUST community and beyond which was productive.

If someone else were to repeat your activity:

- What would you recommend them to do exactly as you did?

Put strong emphasis on marketing. It was not enough to plan the event. We believe the effort we put on marketing using social media, banners, flyers, brochures and notices on the notice board including word of mouth that helped reach the target population.

- What would you recommend them to change from what you did?

Request the sponsor for additional funding to cater for more resource persons.

Plan in anticipation of a bigger venue in case the turn out exceeds the expected number.

To solicit for extra funds in case the amount given is not enough to cater for the event.

Based on the data you have collected for evaluation:

Report template 2015: Marketing of electronic resources by consortia and libraries


- Please share success stories, quotations or feedback from those participating in your activities

We administered questionnaires to the participants who responded that the training was good and that the library should organize for more.

Let us quote a few:

“It’s nice and should be re-done. Thank you.”

“More such should be organized. Dr.Ogange is a wonderful presenter”

“The training has come on a timely manner; when we needed it.

It should be repeated at least twice a year to update the learners on new developments”

- What have people told you has changed as a result of the activity?

They have a better understanding of use and access to electronic resources in the library, the different databases and search terminology, such as Boolean logic of search: “and”

“not” “or”.

Also from the questionnaires, they said it was educative and timely since a good scope were postgraduate students and are currently working on their theses.

What have you learnt from carrying out this activity and how will this affect your future promotion and marketing activities?

Allocate adequate time for preparation. The planning stages did take a long time due to the nature of the activities we wanted to have.

We also learnt that for the event to be a success there needs to be teamwork, coordination, a planning committee that will oversee the preparation stages for the event. The involment of the university administration is very critical.

Any additional information you would like to include?

The university management was impressed by the achievement of winning a grant in a competition by the library and organizing a successful event that was directed and planned by the library solely. The sponsor needs to support the small institutions with grants not necessarily through competition but also through collaborations.

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Report template 2015: Marketing of electronic resources by consortia and libraries