Music Teacher Education Application Form

Music Education Application for Teacher Education: 1
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Application for Admission to a Teacher Education Program: Music Education
A Teacher Education Program involves Professional Education courses and practical experience that contribute to a teaching license.
Students must earn admission to a Teacher Education Program to enroll in Professional Education 3000 level courses listed on the Academic
Planning Work Sheet. To gain admission, music education candidates must, as a minimum meet these prerequisites:
1. Attain a “C” or better in MUED 2100, MUED 2200, and MUED 2141
2. Attain a “P” in MUSC 2400 Sophomore Review (NB: If 1 is not satisfied, students cannot take MUSC 2400).
3. Pass the Praxis I examination or submit approved SAT or ACT scores as a substitute.
4. Attain a UNC Charlotte GPA of at least 2.75 and earn 45 semester hours overall of higher education course work.
5. Some students have additional or modified requirements, such as GPA, interviews, etc. Please refer to your planning
*If this application is submitted prior to meeting all requirements, the student must notify the TEAL office at [email protected] when all
requirements have been met. The application will not be processed until the student notifies the TEAL office. Upon successful complete of all
requirements, students will be notified by the TEAL office to complete a criminal background check. The student will pay for and complete an
online check. Once TEAL has received an appropriately clean check, students will be admitted into the teacher education program. Written
notification will follow this decision.
Candidate Information (Please Print)
Student ID Number (Banner Number) ________________________ Last Four Digits of SS# ______________
Local Telephone Number (____)________
Date of Birth ___________________
Current Address ________________________________________________________________________
Email Address__________________________________________________________________________
I hereby apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program leading to licensure in Music Education (K-12 Music).
Please read the following statements and check the appropriate responses.
I understand that I will be required to submit to a criminal background check as part of the application to the teacher
education program and that performing clinicals, internships, and student teaching within schools may require that I
pass additional criminal background screening and drug testing during my teacher education program.
___ Yes ___ No
Did you take a Teacher Cadet class in high school?
___ Yes _
Required Attachments*
An official or unofficial copy of your transcript (2 copies: one for Music and one for TEAL).
A copy of Praxis I examination scores, or SAT/ACT Scores (transfer students may need to pay for extra scores).
An up-to-date copy of your Academic Planning Work Sheet (i.e., Music Curriculum Guide).
Statement of Candidate
I certify the information above is correct and true. I understand any falsification on this application will constitute grounds for dismissal for the
Teacher Education Program and/or revocation of my North Carolina Teaching license.
Candidate’s Signature
Revised: October 2010
Music Education Application for Teacher Education: 2
Admissions Prerequisites Verification
The following minimum prerequisites for admission to the Teacher Education Program have been completed:
1. Attained a “P” in MUSC 2400 Sophomore Review (No student may be admitted for sophomore review without a “C” of better in MUED
2100, MUED 2200, and MUED 2141). Attach two copies of your most recent Banner transcript.
Semester Completed_________________________
Pass all three parts of the Praxis I examination or obtain approved SAT Scores; composite scores supersede individual components
Praxis I (PPST) Scores and Date completed
Reading (#0710) (176+)
Writing (#0720) (173+)
Mathematics (#0730) (173+)
TOTAL SCORE (minimum 522)
SAT Scores and Date completed
Math (minimum 550)
Verbal (minimum 550)
Combined (minimum 1100)
ACT Scores and Date completed
English (minimum 24)
Math (minimum 24)
Composite (minimum 24)
Grade Point Average (Must be 2.75 or higher)
UNC Charlotte GPA __________
Semester Hours Completed _________
Music Education Review and Recommendations The undersigned have reviewed the application and its supporting
documentation and recommend the candidate for Teacher Education.
Music Education Advisor’s Name: ______________________________________________________________
Signature _________________________________________________
Date ______________
Coordinator of Music Education’s Name:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---TEAL OFFICE APPROVAL: Admission to the Teacher Education Program is:
_______ Approved
_______ Disapproved: (list why)
Name ________________________________________________________ (TEAL Office Official)
Signature ________________________________________________
Date ______________
Candidates should submit this application with supporting documents to Suite 119 in the College of Education during the semester
prior to desired admission to the Teacher Education Program.
Revised: October 2010