Maritime Academy - The California State University

Cal Maritime
Marc McGee, Dir. of Adm
[email protected]
Founded in 1929 & Joined CSU in 1995
5,000+ Alumni, world-wide
823 students (Fall 2010) in Six Majors
WASC and ABET accreditation
100% Residential Campus ~ Vallejo, CA
Services and Activities of the
Cal Maritime Office of Admission
• Combined Outreach and Admission Office
• College Fairs: Attend selected college fairs
throughout CA with staff, students, or alumni
School Visits: Minimal and based on history,
potential, and Solano County service area
Daily, 10:30 am Campus Tour & Info Session
Preview Day: Saturday, November 13, 2010
707-654-1330 answered by live people!
Fall 2010
• Applications Received
• Admitted
• New Students Enrolled
756 (100% of qualified applicants)
293 (39% of those admitted)
Enrolling First-Time Freshmen 56% / Transfers 44%
Enrolling Males 84% / Females 16%
Enrolling NorCal 50%/ SoCal 35% / Out-of State 15%
Enrolling Ethnicity
White 67%, Unknown 10%,
African-American 8%, Hispanic 8%,
Asian-Pacific Islander 7%, Native American 1%
Fall 2011 Application Requirements
• Cal Maritime Has No Local Admission Area: All California
Applicants are treated equally based on geography
Majors with the Basic Application Requirements:
International Business, Global Studies, Facilities
Engineering, and Marine Engineering Programs
Additional Requirements for Mechanical Engineering:
requires pre-calc and 550 math SAT or 23 math ACT
Additional Requirements for Marine Transportation:
“Impacted Major” with competitive admission
SAT or ACT required for all high school applicants
Pre-calculus and physics recommended
Resume may be submitted
First year for impaction, so no history on previous cut-point for
eligibility index score
Those between CSU minimum index score and minimum index
score for this major will be offered a place on a waiting list .
Instructions and timelines will come with the waiting list offer.
Cal Maritime’s Application Policies
Grade Policies
• 7th Semester Transcripts: Students should only send
these if we request it. We send requests via e-mail.
• Index Scores for Impacted Major: Only grades 10 &
11 are used to create index scores for the impacted
Marine Transportation program. Senior grades can
pull you out of the admit group but not add you in.
• Courses Taken in Summer 2011 will not be used to
meet admission requirements for Fall 2011.
• We Check 100% of Final Transcripts to look for
falling index scores or inaccurate grades/courses on
the online application.
Cal Maritime’s Application Policies
SAT / ACT Policies
• Final Accepted Scores will be from the December test
• Due Date for Scores: Scores must arrive by
January 5, 2011
Selecting a Major
• Impacted Majors (Marine Transportation) are
unavailable after November 30 – Even to those who
have applied into another major
• We Have No “Undeclared” Option, so all students
must select a major when applying
Notification Timelines
• 1st group of acceptances are e-mailed
and mailed on February 1st if no
7th semester transcript is requested.
• Most communication with the applicant
is via the e-mail address listed on the
online application.
• Admission offers to be sent on a rolling basis after Feb. 1.
Recommended Preparation
• EAP test in junior year
•4th year of math and 3rd year of
science recommended
•Pre-Calculus recommended for Marine
Transportation and required for Mechanical Engineering
After Admission Packet Arrives
• Recommend taking ELM/EPT as early as March and
no later than June
On-campus housing is mandatory for all students
Health requirements for admission to CMA
– All students participate in one
Training Cruise
Must have a U.S. Passport
$500 non-refundable deposit
by May 1 that goes toward:
– Uniforms & Housing
– Uniforms & Tuition
After Deposit is Sent to Us
• “Early Start” Program:
admitted students who need
math or English remediation
cannot enroll in any Fall
courses unless they initiate an
approved remediation course
during the spring or summer
prior to enrollment.
• Final H.S. Transcript showing
Graduation Date by July 15
• Must Pass Health Review
to Enroll
Process for Appealing Decisions
• Send a letter of appeal with “new information”
to the Director of Admission with any
• The Admission
Committee will review
the appeal and notify
the student within
one week.