2011-2012 RF Monitoring Intervention Staging LEAs that had

2011-2012 RF Monitoring
Intervention Staging
LEAs that had students entered in RF Tracker during the 2010-2011 school year were “staged” using the following criteria:
1. Ranking from RF Tracker Data
RF Tracker has built in calculations that assign a “score” to the following four areas:
a) LRE Calculation: This calculation is derived from 2 factors:
1) Is the student educated at the site of the residential facility? (Note: If the student resides in a facility that
meets the definition of a “detention/correctional facility,” this calculation does not count against the LEA for
this student.)
2) Has the student moved from a more restrictive environment to a less restrictive environment while in the RF?
b) Commensurate School Day: This calculation looks at students who have a commensurate school day and those who
do not.
c) ESY: This calculation looks at the number of students who were reported to have ESY services.
d) Related Services: This calculation looks at the number of RF student who receive related services.
Each factor is assigned points. The points from each factor are added and the calculation is represented as a percentage of
the possible points. The percentage of points that the LEA did not receive is divided by 2 to determine the rubric points.
2. Time Since Last RF Monitoring On-Site Visit
 2010-2011 = 0 points
 2009-2010 = 3 points
 2008-2009 = 6 points
 2007-2008 = 9 points
 2006-2007 = 12 points
 No previous on-site visit conducted = 15 points
3. New Residential Facilities Reported by the LEA in RF Tracker in 2010-2011
 No = 0 points
 Yes = 5 points
4. LEA’s 2010-2011 SPED PBMAS Stage of Intervention
 Not Staged = 0 points
 Stage 1A or 1B = 2 points
 Stage 2 = 3 points
 Stage 3 = 4 points
 Stage 4 = 5 points
Points Possible
40 points
30 points
7.5 points
22.5 points
100 points
15 points
5 points
5 points
2011-2012 RF Monitoring
Intervention Staging
5. Number of Years LEA has been Cited for Special Education Noncompliance Since the 2004-2005 School Year
This includes noncompliance citations due to: sustained complaint allegations, adverse due process hearing decisions,
current focused data analysis, program effectiveness review, LEA public meeting, compliance review, State Performance
Plan (SPP) reporting of data, special education on-site visit results, nonpublic review, RF monitoring, review of
documentation by TEA, and/or continuing special education noncompliance issues.
 1 year = 1 point
 2 years = 2 points
 3 years = 3 points
 4 years = 5 points
 5 years = 7 points
 6 years = 10 points
6. Whether the LEA is Currently in Escalated Oversight
This could be escalated oversight due to continuing noncompliance, failure to follow monitoring process, failure to meet
program requirements, failure to meet compliance requirement and/or serious , imminent risks. The TEA may be engaging
in escalated follow-up with the LEA, ordered the LEA to acquire outside professional services, or may have assigned a
technical assistance team, monitor, conservator, or management team.
 No = 0 points
 Yes = 10 points
7. Data Quality Issues Concerning the RF Tracker Data
The LEA did not complete the RF Tracker activities according to agency timelines or errors in the data were identified.
 No = 0 points
 Yes = 15 points
Staging Selections
Stage 1: 45-49 points
Stage 2: 50-55 points
Stage 3: 56-61 points
Stage 4: 62-76 points
Stage 4A: LEA received an onsite review during the previous school year and is currently implementing a CAP.
Stage 4B: LEA previously received an on-site review and all noncompliance identified during the review has been corrected.
Points Possible
10 points
10 points
15 points
Staging Notes:
LEAs staged with a designation of Conservator Recently Removed (CRR) or Year After Onsite (YAO) do not have to participate in or submit RF
intervention activities. TEA may choose to do an on-site review at any time, regardless of staging.