Education - Natalie e. Barisano

Natalie Elizabeth Barisano
5109 Lippingham Lane Chester, VA 23831
Phone: 804-922-7009  E-Mail: [email protected]
Bachelor of Arts, May 2014
Major: Art History; Concentration: Museum Studies
Minor: Educational Media and Technology
Major GPA: 3.460
Awards: Recipient of JMU’s Art History “Junior Achievement Award” (May 2013)
Museum Experience
Director and Assistant Director of JMU’s ArtWorks Gallery
Spring 2012 – Fall 2013
Interviewed and hired interns, artists, and an assistant director; coordinated all social media advertising and
publicity; coordinated and organized all art installations and gallery openings; graded and administered all
interns the inner workings of an art gallery; budgeted and handled all finances.
Office Manager for Encore Performing Arts Dance Studio
Summer 2012, Summer 2013
Worked as manager over 3 studio locations, managed monetary/financials of students/families, ran backstage
of dance recitals, answered questions for dancers/families during office hours, responded to emails and phone
calls, assisted with registration of current and new students, filled in for dance teachers, prepped dance
events/programs, filed/organized documents for the studio director, managed and sold studio merchandise.
Summer Camp Instructor for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Summer 2013
Coordinated and planned art education and craft lessons for each day of the summer; trained interns at the
Writer of two tours for Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Summer 2012, Summer 2013
Researched and wrote two tours for the VMFA that have been published and used in the museum.
Technology Intern with the Madison Art Collection
Spring 2013
Researched, created, designed, and published an IBook (catered towards high schoolers) for JMU’s Madison
Art Collection. Created IBook by researching Ancient Egyptian Artifacts from the Madison Art Collection.
Participant in set up of Gallery Exhibition
Spring 2012
Researched and wrote gallery label; researched African Clothing and symbols; answered questions and aided
viewers at gallery opening
Intern at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Summer 2012, Summer 2011
Wrote two tours that were published and used by the VMFA; set up and ran two magazine shoots; designed
and created two children’s take home projects and crafts; assisted studio teachers and students; stocked and
inventoried art supplies
Natalie Barisano
Intern in JMU’s ArtWorks Gallery
Spring 2012
Installed and deinstalled gallery exhibition; refurbished and repaired gallery walls; watched over answered
questions of visitors
Presenter in the Art History Forum
Spring 2014
Accepted as one of three students from all of JMU’s School of Art, Design, and Art History to give a large
presentation on a detailed, research project highlighting the art controversy of graffiti as art or vandalism.
Art Design and Art History Panel Member
November 2013
Requested by JMU’s School of Art Design and Art History Department to be one of the few selected students to
answer questions present themselves to incoming arts students.
Presenter of Speech on Internships and Achievements
March 2012, September 2013
Requested by JMU Art History/Museum Professors to give two presentations to large classes of arts students
regarding the importance of internships and reaching for goals within the arts world.
Writing and Editing Experience
May 2012
Wrote and had published an essay on Adinkra Styles and Symbols within the book, “Dress and Identity in African
Fall 2012
Interviewed and was asked to be an editor of JMU’s Promising Young Author organization – an organization
where young authors submit fictional works that are then judged edited and sent to a brother organization and
magazine in Washington D.C.
Arts and Literary Magazine Judge
Fall 2010 – Spring 2012
Judge of the art and photography submissions for JMU’s Gardy Loo Arts and Literary Magazine
Knowledgeable in: Macintosh and PC programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Studio
Director, MyEmma, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Wix, Adobe Presenter, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline,
Techsmith Camtasia, Facebook, ITunes, and Twitter.
Language: Knowledgeable in Italian
[References Available Upon Request]