the other within us is one of us - Salto

Youth in Action Project – Action 3.1 (Cooperation with the Neighboring Countries of the European
Coordinating Organization : Istanbul Beykoz Municipality
Contact Person
: Filiz ÖNER
EU & Foreign Relations Expert – Project coordinator
: Beykoz, Istanbul, Turkey
: 1 – 11 October 2013
Description of the Project
“‘The Other’ Within Us Is Part Of Us” project is a youth exchange project in the context of the Youth
in Action program, action 3.1.
The most controversial debate in our contemporary world is that minority and majority conflicts. The
world is getting global, and in most of the regions or areas borders are becoming flexible. Thus, the
sense of the minority is still valid in the whole communities.
Istanbul is one of the unique places in the world in which it still maintains the characteristics of to be
the world metropolitan city. Beykoz, on the other hand, is a district in the suburbs of Istanbul where
is located by the Bosphorous and Anatolian part of Turkey. So it is called as “The Pearl of Istanbul”.
Throughout the history, Beykoz plays a significant role in Istanbul. For example, it succeeds to protect
its natural habitat and it has different historical values in the every corner of itself. Besides, because
of its geopolitical importance, it attracted most of the civilizations. Still, the ruins of these civilizations
can be sensed in the region.
In this project, we aim to combine natural beauties, minorities and historical structures of Beykoz to
the life and culture.
From whom?
The project is meant for young people who are 16-25 years of age and in particular youngsters who
are in a disadvantaged and minority position for another reason. 4 young participants (2 males and 2
females and 1 group leader) from different partners will involve this project.
We are looking for partners from all program countries and Participants and promoters from
Neighbouring Partner Countries, whose participants are able to use English as a working language
and attend the full duration of the events.
How does it work?
Participating youngsters will be attended various meetings, such as minority rights in Turkey and in
general in the EU. In addition to these meetings, they will visit minority organizations both in Beykoz
and Istanbul. While they are going to gain information regarding minority situations in Turkey, they
will also separate two different workshops: photography and short-film shooting. In addition to these
trainings, we plan to arrange cultural tours to Istanbul, so we think that our guests will leave from
new impressions and ideas about Beykoz, Istanbul and Turkish people.
The project is an initiative of the Beykoz Municipality. It will be 2013 and it will last 10 days. The
project will be realized with the support of the European Union within the framework of the Youth in
Action-Action 3.1-(Cooperation with the Neighbouring Countries of the European Union)
Our organization will cover the participants’ cost of food, accommodation and local transport, and %
70 of the travel cost.