Websites to Practice Reading

Websites to Practice Reading on Your Own
LEVEL 1 (use beginner links) (365 very short stories / read along with
native speakers) (articles on family, health, housing, school,
nature, technology, etc. /read along with native speakers and in some
cases, watch a companion video) (ESL news from BBC) (Learn what happened on this day of any year!)
Level 2 (folklore and ghost stories from all 50 States) (80 great study skill articles on note taking, test taking, etc.) (engineering, science, and the environment) (historical figures through articles and companion videos) (sports news)
Level 3 (read along with native speakers) (read about issues in the U.S.) (past, current, and future technology trends) (science) (library of engineering topics / engineering games and puzzles)
Vocabulary section of website: (spelling help) (General Service List--2000 common English words) (corpus) (Academic Word List)