power up! speak up!

power up!
speak up!
Blackfen School Public
Speaking Competition
• A competition for students in Years 7 & 8
• Prizes for best 2 speakers in each class,
and Most Improved Speaker
• Best 2 speakers from each class will go
through to Grand Final!
• 1st, 2nd, 2rd place prizes for Years 7 & 8
The Key Skills
of Making a Speech
• Lesson 1: Connection
• Lesson 2: Construction & Content
• Lesson 3: Competition
CONNECTION you have to…
Use your body
Vary your volume
Vary your speed
Show your energy, passion & humour!
CONSTRUCTION you have to…
• Use an opening sentence that will grab
your audience’s attention
• Make 3 main points
• Have a strong conclusion!
CONTENT you have to…
• Speak about a topic your know about and
you care about
• Use stories, facts, examples, humour, props
or audience participation, to strengthen your