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We would like to thank each of you in advance for your commitment to volunteering for the 8th
Annual American Heroes Golf Classic. Thank you for your time and flexibility, we look forward to
another GREAT event with each of your help!
Below is a description of each Volunteer Assignment.
Volunteer shifts have been split up into 3 shifts.
Shift A: begins at 6AM. The ending time depends on what area you work. Some volunteers work until the
end of the morning golf round (noon-ish)
Shift B: begins at 11:00AM. The ending time depends on what area you work. Some volunteers work until
the end of the afternoon golf round (6-ish)
Shift C: begins at 4PM. Ends when the silent auction is complete (8:30?)
There are volunteers that have been assigned to split duties in order to bridge the gap in between
downtimes and ensure appropriate coverage. Please let us know if you are assigned to double duty and
are unable to work the full shift.
1. Please check in 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your shift.
2. Volunteer check in is in the lower level of the clubhouse (faces parking lot)
3. Watch the weather and dress appropriately! Please wear your RED American Heroes Tee Shirt. If
you don't have one from previous years, we will provide the volunteer t-shirt for you at the Volunteer
check-in table. Comfortable shoes are highly encouraged as there will be a lot of running around.
4. A bag lunch will be provided, but feel free to bring water and other snacks for the day. You are
welcome to purchase a volunteer dinner ticket for $10.
5. Bring sunscreen!
Typically, there is a rush at the beginning of each shift, with a fair amount of down time to follow. The
length of time necessary for each volunteer may vary depending on the amount of work available. It may
be necessary to make changes to assignments the day of the event.
For most of the assignments, we have designated one person as the Team Lead for each shift. This
person will be responsible for delegating duties to the volunteers for that particular assignment and being
the general “go to” person. Most times the Team Lead has participated in the past at that particular job
so is more "seasoned".
*Please note that you have been assigned an additional duty following the morning/afternoon golf send off
if there is an asterisk next to your name, please review carefully to determine where you will be
Overall Volunteer Lead: Erin Tubbesing
This person is responsible for assisting volunteers with any questions they may have pertaining to their
specific job. This person has worked many of the American Heroes Golf Events and has a general highlevel knowledge of the event and all the different areas the volunteers work in.
Bag Drop/Cart Roundup:
Morning Team Lead: Mike Ecker
 Mike Ecker
 Mike Mollner*
 Steve Debernardi*
 Liz Debernardi*
 Nancy Debernardi
 Bryan Buivid
 Victoria Lieder- Becker
 Rolando Sotolongo
 Trent Unterreiner
 Colin Dehemir (sp?)
 Richard Geis
Afternoon Team Lead: Steve Debernardi
 Steve Debernardi
 Mike Mollner*
 Alex Schult*
 Will Schult
 Cami Robson
 Dani Robson
 Bella Hoppe
 Josh Seely
 Roberta Schult
 Trent Unterreiner
 Colin Dehemir (sp?)
 Richard Geis
Responsible for bringing golfer’s bags from drop off area (lower level of the clubhouse) to the assigned
golf carts (upper level of the clubhouse outside) after Bag Tags have been assigned to the golfers bag.
Each golf cart will have 2 players names assigned to it and bag tags must be matched with the
appropriate player's cart. This team will place the bag tags names of players on their golf bags and
ensure the correct bags are placed on the proper cart.
Bag Drop has worked best in previous years if half of the volunteers bring the bags from the drop off area
outside registration up to the carts and the other half match the bag tag with the assigned golf cart.
Golf Cart Roundup crew will work closely with bag drop team. After morning golfers complete their
round, the roundup crew will assist the course staff in cleaning out golf carts and preparing them for the
second round of golfers. Roundup crew will be responsible for ensuring that morning golfers return their
carts promptly after completing their round. This team will also be placing golf clubs for afternoon golfers
on assigned carts. After golfers receive bag tags from registration, they will leave golf clubs in the
assigned area to be placed on carts.
Bag Tag/Greeting:
Morning Team Lead: Rachel Micheletti
 Rachel Micheletti
 Katie Alvarez
 Nicki Roland-Ecker
 Kathy Roland
Afternoon Team Lead: Rachel Micheletti
 Katie Alvarez
 Rachel Micheletti
 Kristina Walch
 Jessica Deutsch
 Amanda Deutsch
Bag Tag and Greeting has been combined for the sake of location. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring
that each golfer receives their corresponding bag tag AFTER going through registration inside. A table is
set up outside of club house and volunteers should direct all golfers into the Club House (lower level) for
player check-in. After the bag tags are given to golfers, they will attach them to their golf bags and move
to the bag drop area, golfers should then be directed to find their assigned golf cart prior to shotgun start.
Volunteers will greet each golfer as they arrive and direct them to appropriate area.
Golfer Registration/Check-in:
Morning: Sharon Timmons and Erin Tubbesing*
Afternoon: Erin Tubbesing and Kristen Ringler
Responsible for checking in players and ensure they receive appropriate instruction for the day. Notify
each player of pertinent information. Registration begins at 6:15am, though some players may begin
arriving before then. Volunteers assisting with registration will work closely with Pam Jessup/Kevin
Unterreiner, Event Managers from TwinCitiesGolf.com.
Goodie Bag Table:
Morning Round: Carolee Humes
Afternoon Round: Barbara Leatherman
Responsible for handing out 1 goodie bag for each golfer. Located inside the clubhouse (lower level), after
the golfer checks in with the registration table, they make their way down the line of tables (picking up
their score cards, raffle tees, mulligans/super-tickets, and then the goodie-bag table) before they exit the
clubhouse to go to the bag-drop area. Goodie bags will already be stuffed, we just need the volunteer to
hand out the bags as the golfers file on by. Once the golfers have started their round, this person is free
to go to their next assignment.
Photographer: Jen Stephens
Document with pictures the entire event to be posted on Facebook within 2 weeks after the event.
Include the following photos: golfers registering/checking in, photos of all golfers, foursomes, on the
course, hole sponsor signs on the actual hole, presenting sponsor signs, sponsors displaying at their
designated holes, contests/games on the course, golf carts staged and ready to go prior to shotguns,
putting green while golfers are warming up, driving range while golfers are warming up, morning opening
ceremony, afternoon ceremony, dinner ceremony, volunteers, bag tag area / greeting area, silent auction
area, inside and outside the clubhouse, 4-plane fly-over, color guard etc. This person needs to be very
outgoing and not afraid to request the golfers to be in photos. For past photo examples, please visit our
facebook photo album page from 2011:
b0ec34a0 Have fun with this job and be creative as you want!
Golf Tee Raffle Selling:
Morning & Afternoon Rounds: Jane and Andrea Forliti
Volunteer Check In: (6:00 AM & 11:00 AM)
Morning: Erin Tubbesing
Afternoon: Erin Tubbesing
Responsible for checking in all volunteers and making sure each understands duties and responsibilities.
Ensure each volunteer receives a name tag badge and T-Shirt (if necessary). Direct any questions to
Shannon or Katie McDonough. Volunteers will begin arriving at 6:00am for the "A" shift and 11:00am for
the "B" Shift.
Contest Attendants:
Team Lead: Kathryn Anderson and Jenny Hielsberg
Morning Round Contests*:
Hole #3 – Split Pot:
 Nancy DeBernardi
 Elizabeth DeBernardi
Hole #6 – Chip in the Bucket:
 Katy Green
 Patty Green
Hole #16 – Double Your Money:
 Shannon Munger
 Laura Kramer
 Vanessa Prebish
Giant Putt on Putting Green:
 Kathryn Anderson
 Jenny Hielsberg
Afternoon Round Contests*:
Hole #3 – Split Pot:
 Alex Schult
 Jessica Deutsch
 Amanda Deutsch
Hole #6 – Chip in the Bucket:
 Maytsua Patel
 Michelle Griffith
 Emily Neuhaus
Hole #16 – Double Your Money:
 Eleanor Gantt
 Vanessa Prebish
Giant Putt on Putting Green:
 Shannon Munger
 Laura Kramer
Contest volunteers will meet inside the lower level of the clubhouse where the volunteer check-in area is
at 7:05AM for the "A" Shift and at 12:35PM for the "B" shift to get your designated money bags,
contest instruction sheets, and team groupings on the clipboards, and then head upstairs to the back of
the clubhouse where the carts are staged to get driven out to your contest holes.
Distributing Bag lunches to volunteers on course (between 11:00-12:00)/giving volunteers
breaks: Mike Mollner
Amy Mihelich
Carolee Humes (A Shift)
Roberta Schult (B Shift)
Angie Robson (B & C Shift)
Bob Robson (B & C Shift)
Barbara Leatherman (B & C Shift)
Responsible for assisting with auction item set up during the day/evening, facilitation of auction items, and
close out of auction. Specific tasks will be delegated by the team lead. Includes filling out the Bid sheets,
and processing the donation forms. The A & B Shifts are responsible for taking in items that are dropped
off the day of the event and prepping / setting up / organizing the Auction area. The C Shift will be
primarily tending to auction items and locating auction winners after the closing of the silent auction
(roughly around 8pm).
Clean Up Crew:
This will be ongoing throughout the day/evening and any volunteer may be asked to assist in moving
supplies and materials from the registration area up to the banquet area if necessary. This team will assist
in the overall upkeep of the clubhouse area, specifically after dinner and during the transition of program
events. (between the morning and afternoon shotguns. Between the afternoon shotguns and dinner
banquet). This team may also be asked to assist in general set up of different events throughout the
The volunteer Coordinators are Katie McDonough and Shannon McDonough-Nelson.
Questions? Please contact the American Heroes Golf Classic Office 952-947-4001 or email
[email protected]
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