FICTION Years 3 & 4 Recommended Reading List A Fairy Tale by

Years 3 & 4 Recommended Reading List
A Fairy Tale by Tony Ross
Andersen Press - Paperback - 9781849393553
Bess, a young girl, befriends an old lady who tries to convince her to believe in
fairies. Over the years they almost imperceptibly change places until old Bess,
widowed in World War 2, walks down the street with a youthful Daisy. Text and
pictures combine to tell the story, revealing the historical setting and providing
hints as to Mrs Leaf’s identity.
A Hen in the Wardrobe by Wendy Meddour
Frances Lincoln - Paperback - 9781847802255
Ramzi’s dad is behaving strangely, sleepwalking and searching in his son’s
wardrobe for a hen or chasing frogs in the pantry. Ramzi and his mum realise that
dad is homesick for Algeria so they go there for an extended visit. However, the
time comes when they need to return to their life in England in Cinnamon Grove.
A warm comic novel about a culturally mixed family and how they find ways of
belonging to two homes.
Bill's New Frock by Anne Fine
Egmont - Paperback - 9781405233187
Bill wakes up one morning and finds that he is a girl. He has to wear a pink
dress, gets left out of the playground football game and discovers the dire
consequences of being without pockets. This story raises issues about gender
in a very humorous way.
Black Dog by Levi Pinfold
Templar - Paperback – 9781848777484 and Hardback – 9781848770522
The Hope family live in a tall narrow house in a snowy wood, the interior of
which is depicted in detailed pictures full of the paraphernalia of playful &
imaginative life. One day a Black Dog appears outside and it seems to grow
exponentially as each member of the family espies it through the window. It
takes the smallest member of the family to face the fear and resolve the
Can You Whistle, Johanna? - Ulf Stark - Gecko Press
Paperback - 9780958259828
Chatting with his friend, Berra realises that he is lacking a grandfather, so the
pair visit the old people’s home so that he can adopt one. The relationship that
results is life enhancing and fun for them all and Berra learns many things from
Grandpa Ned, such as how to whistle. However, when he returns after an absence
to demonstrate his newly developed skill, he finds he has to cope with loss and
Collated and created by Lucy Coates and school councillors D’Yarna, Richard and Meriem for Heathbrook Primary School
Charlotte's Web by E B White
Puffin - Paperback - 9780141331331
Wilbur is the runt of the litter of piglets, saved at first by Fern the farmer's
daughter and then by Charlotte the spider who weaves wonderful statements
about him into her web. At one level this book is about the cycle of life and death
- wise Charlotte must die but her children will be born in the spring. It is a story
told with great affection and humour, full of memorable animal characters, and is
moving without being sentimental. The story was made into an animated film in
1973 and there is also a more recent film version.
Christophe's Story by Nicki Cornwell
Frances Lincoln - Paperback – 9781847802507
A young Rwandan refugee has a hard time when he first arrives in a British
primary school. His culture shock is exacerbated by his strong belief, learned
from his absent grandfather, that stories should not be written down. This
makes it difficult for him to engage with books. Christophe is offended when,
thinking she is being helpful, his teacher writes down his own distressing
story, told when the other children noticed his scar from when he was grazed
by a bullet. Understanding is gradually reached by all parties.
Classic Fairy Tales by Berlie Doherty
Walker - Paperback - 9781406317459
In compiling this collection of fairy tales, mostly taken from Western European
tradition, Berlie Doherty has used several sources and shaped her own retellings.
As she says, 'Even the most familiar stories have echoes in many different
cultures around the world.' This is reflected in Jane Ray's sumptuous illustrations
which frame every page, as she portrays the characters with a variety of skin
Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl
Puffin - Paperback - 9780141346434
Danny discovers the ‘deep dark secrets’ of the adults around him, the chief of
which is that most of them, including his father, the doctor, the policeman and the
vicar’s wife all belong to a circle of poachers, which operates like a secret
society. Danny becomes champion of his own circumscribed world when he
hatches a plot to foil a local landowner through doping his pheasants with raisins
stuffed with sleeping pills. At the centre of this book, however, is the close and
loving relationship between Danny and his father.
Fairy Tales by Terry Jones
Puffin - Paperback - 9780140322620
Original stories which have the magical qualities of fairy tales. Try ‘The Glass
Cupboard’ for a strong and resonant moral, ‘The Beast with a Thousand Teeth’ to
meet a small hero who conquers a dragon with wit and guile, or ‘Jack One-Step’
for impish humour of a collaborative kind. An essential read aloud collection.
Collated and created by Lucy Coates and school councillors D’Yarna, Richard and Meriem for Heathbrook Primary School
Fly, Eagle, Fly! - Christopher Gregorowski
Frances Lincoln - Paperback – 9780711217300
An African parable, originating in Ghana and interpreted by a South African
author and illustrator, about recognising your potential – ‘that we are all born to
be eagles who are lifted up with the might of the Spirit – like the wind-borne
flight of an eagle’ (from the author’s note). A farmer raises a baby eagle as
though it were a chicken. The bird does not realise it can fly until a friend of the
farmer intervenes.
Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell
Macmillan - Hardback - 9780230759800
This ghostly tale places the emphasis on humour rather than horror. It features
a host of gothic elements including an historic house Ghastly-Gorm Hall which
has a broken wing as well as west and east wings and is complete with a
ghostly white nun, a black monk and a beige curate, in addition to a range of
other apparitions. Ada has a strained relationship with her father Lord Goth but
she is no swooning, screaming heroine. This plucky girl teams up with two
visiting children and a ghost mouse (‘Call me Ishmael’), whose own memoirs
can be found tucked into a pocket at the back of the book, and together they
defeat the the dastardly Maltravers.
Gregory Cool by Caroline Binch
Frances Lincoln - Paperback – 9781847802583
Gregory travels to Tobago to visit his grandparents and initially finds it hard to
adjust to a contrasting way of life. However, the warmth of the people and the
climate, depicted in the light and shade of Caroline Binch’s vivacious
illustrations soon make him realize what he is missing by not opening up his
heart and mind.
Hidden Tales from Eastern Europe by Antonia Barber
Frances Lincoln - Paperback – 9781845071479
These seven tales are illustrated with pictures which enhance their mystery. They
include darkly humorous stories from Poland and Croatia, and from Serbia a
story of a king who discovers the importance of learning a useful trade. The
remaining stories are from Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania.
Jemmy Button by Jennifer Uman
Templar - Paperback – 9781848776159
Inspired by the true story of a native boy from Tierra del Fuego, brought to
England to be ‘civilised’, Jemmy Button is a touching story about the wonder
of being somewhere new and different, while feeling the ‘pull’ of home. The
story of Jemmy’s journey and encounters in the strange, unfamiliar land of
England is told through the engaging and descriptive text and the beautifully
poignant mixed-media illustrations that accompany it.
Journey by Aaron Becker
Walker - Paperback – 9781406355345 - Hardback - 9781406342307
This is a wordless book told beautifully through the illustrations. A girl sits
forlornly in a sepia world, ignored by her busy family. Spying a spot of colour in
the shape of a red crayon, she draws a door through which she escapes to a green
forest, illuminated by sparkling lights and blue lanterns, threaded through with a
stream which leads her to the next stage of her journey, once she has drawn a red
Collated and created by Lucy Coates and school councillors D’Yarna, Richard and Meriem for Heathbrook Primary School
Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister
Templar – Paperback - 9781840118605
Do you dare to step into the place between? Leon is a boy who believes in magic.
This exciting and beautifully illustrated picture book follows Leon beyond the
realm of the circus big-top and, with a ‘Pouff!’ from the great magician, Abdul
Kazam, onto a magic carpet ride into the place where the magic sends you...
Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears by Emily Gravett
Macmillan - Paperback - 9780230016194
A very unusual picture book which expresses a catalogue of possible fears
(listed with definitions at the top of each page). Using great imaginative flair,
Emily Gravett plays with multi-faceted ideas around this. Aicmophobia (fear
of knives) is illustrated by a newspaper story about what happened to the Three
Blind Mice, while a Visitors’ Map of the Isle of Fright links Whereamiphobia
(Fear of getting lost) and Acrophobia (Fear of heights).
Lob by Linda Newbery
David Fickling Books - Paperback - 9781849920490
Lucy loves to visit her grandparents in their cottage in the country. She shares
her grandfather’s love of growing things and a belief in the garden magic of
Lob, a creature who can only be glimpsed fleetingly from the corner of your
eye. When Grandpa dies, Lucy longs for Lob and he responds, making the
journey through the seasons to London where they will be reunited, gaining
new friends for themselves in the process.
Madame Pamplemousse and the Time-Travelling Cafe - Rupert Kingfisher
Bloomsbury - Paperback - 9781408800539
Madeleine and her friends Madame Pamplemousse, inventor of the Most
Incredible Edible Ever Tasted, and Camembert the cat travel back in time by
means of a coffee-like liquid imbibed in the Café of Lost Time. Can they
acquire all the rare ingredients necessary to make a potion that will prevent the
government from destroying the spirit of the beautiful city of Paris,
sensationally evoked in the opening of this short novel?
Me and My Cat? by Satoshi Kitamura
Red Fox - Paperback – 9781842707753
Following a night time visit from 'an old woman in a pointed hat' (which
interestingly takes place before the title page), Nicholas and his cat Leonardo find
that they have changed places. The way this is depicted in Satoshi Kitamura's
distinctive illustrations, with their intertextual references and striking use of
perspective, makes this a highly original picture book.
Mouse Bird Snake Wolf by David Almond
Walker - Paperback – 9781406345995
A powerful and thought-provoking text, illustrated in graphic novel-style, which
will enable children to explore the beauty and dangers of nature as well as the
importance of boundaries and self-restraint.
Collated and created by Lucy Coates and school councillors D’Yarna, Richard and Meriem for Heathbrook Primary School
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe
Puffin - Paperback - 9780140559460
A beautifully illustrated story set in Zimbabwe which, whilst being very much
located within its culture and context, finds echoes in folk tales well-known in
Europe, such as Diamonds and Toads, Mother Holle and Cinderella. Sisters
Nyasha and Manyara are sent to the king who is searching for a bride. Manyara is
proud and selfish while Nyasha is kind and generous. No prizes for guessing who
becomes queen - but the journey Mufaro’s daughters make has its own wonders.
My Funny Family by Chris Higgins
Hodder - Paperback - 9780340989845
The endearing Butterfield family is seen through the mind of nine year old Mattie
who is an eternal worrier. She is anxious about whether seeds can grow if
concealed in a cupboard and her mum’s visits to the doctor. A story which
revolves around growing plants is interleaved with lists laid out in a variety of
Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve
Oxford University Press - Paperback - 9780192734884
Along with his new friends, a grumpy old albatross, a short-sighted mermaid and
a friendly island called Cliff, Oliver goes off in search of his missing parents. But
before he can put his rescue plan into action there's the evil Stacey de Lacey and
an army of greasy, green sea monkeys to contend with ... A short novel with
words and pictures that work integrally.
One Dog and his Boy by Eva Ibbotson
Marion Lloyd Books - Paperback - 9781407124247
Hal is denied the one thing he wants by his upwardly mobile parents – his own
dog. A gift given with one hand and taken away with the other plays havoc
with his feelings and makes him decide ‘to make his own world where things
were right and fair and as they ought to be.’ Alongside the determined Pippa,
he makes a journey which ends with all characters, human and canine, getting
their just deserts in this emotionally satisfying novel.
Ronia the Robber's Daughter by Astrid Lindgren
Oxford University Press - Paperback - 9780192789945
Ronia, the much loved only child of robber chieftain Matt, is encouraged to be
independent and learn the ways of their woodland home. Her expeditions lead to
a meeting with Birk, only child of Borka who heads a rival robber band. They
form a brother and sister bond which leads to Matt disowning his daughter. Ronia
and Birk make a home together in the woods, also the dwelling place of a
multitude of other creatures, including rumphobs, murktrolls, harpies and gray
dwarfs. These young people show adults the way towards mutual understanding
and reconciliation.
Collated and created by Lucy Coates and school councillors D’Yarna, Richard and Meriem for Heathbrook Primary School
Seven for a Secret by Laurence Anholt
Frances Lincoln - Paperback - 9781845075903
A moving story told through letters exchanged between a child living in a city
and her grandfather living in the country. Information about the characters and
their personal situations are gradually revealed. Readers need to use their own
perception to gain a full understanding of the layers of meaning in this picture
book. A particularly skilful use of letters to construct a story. Previously
published with different illustrations as The Magpie Song.
Sing Me a Story by Grace Hallworth
Frances Lincoln - Paperback - 9780711218512
Grace Hallworth tells five stories from the Caribbean, illustrated with bright
collage pictures. Each contains a song for which the words and music are
provided. Turtle uses a song and dance routine to evade capture. A girl named
Hazel is captivated by a mermaid’s song and her own desire for long silky hair.
Small Change for Stuart by Lissa Evans
Corgi - Paperback - 9780552561693
Magic and reality blend beautifully in this novel in which Stuart Horten, aged ten
but small for his age, aided and abetted by triplets April, May and June, gets
caught up in the mystery of what happened to his great-uncle ‘Teeny-Tiny’ Tony
Horten, a magician with an amazing workshop. Word play and alternative terms
and meanings play a part in this novel from the title through to the vocabulary of
Stuart’s crossword-compiling dad.
Storm by Kevin Crossley-Holland
Egmont - Paperback - 9781405262644
A faultless novella in the popular genre of the ghost story, set in a powerfully
evoked marshland. The word storm contains many meanings. There is the storm
that Annie must brave in order to fetch the doctor to deliver her sister’s baby, but
Storm is also the name of the mysterious stranger who enables her to reach him,
and becomes a potential name for the newborn child.
Tales of Hans Christian Andersen by Hans Christian Andersen
Walker - Paperback - 9781406317466
A delightful compendium of thirteen of Andersen’s fairy tales, including most of
the best known, such as Gerda’s search for her lost playmate in The Snow Queen
and the circular journey of The Steadfast Tin Soldier. There is a brief introduction
to Andersen’s life and each story is prefaced by fascinating information about its
origin and place within his work. The overall production of the book makes it
very inviting.
Tales of Wisdom and Wonder by Hugh Lupton
Barefoot - Paperback – 9781905236831
A collection of traditional stories from one of Britain’s foremost oral storytellers
written in a style which makes them a joy to read aloud. The seven stories are
from different parts of the world and include The Pedlar of Swaffham from Hugh
Lupton’s native East Anglia and tales from Haiti, France, West Africa, Russia,
Ireland and the Cree people of North America. The notes on sources indicate that
there are variants of the stories in many cultures.
Collated and created by Lucy Coates and school councillors D’Yarna, Richard and Meriem for Heathbrook Primary School
The BFG by Roald Dahl
Puffin - Paperback – 9780141346427- Hardback - 9780224083843
Sophie is snatched away one night and taken to the land of the giants.
Fortunately, her abductor is the Big Friendly Giant, and together they hatch a
plan to prevent the other giants from devouring children. One of Dahl’s best
loved books, combining irreverent humour with some blood-curdling moments.
The Boy with the Magic Numbers by Sally Gardner
Orion - Paperback - 9781444011661
Billy Pickles’ dad leaves him and his mum and takes off for New York to try and
fulfil his dreams. When Billy goes there on a visit, the family situation is not
what he expects. However, the strange money-box his dad left him as a parting
present proves to be a catalyst for some surprising adventures in this fast moving
novel in short chapters. One of the series Magical Children.
The Children of Winter by Berlie Doherty
Catni - Paperback – 9781846470264
A timeslip novel, in which Catherine and her brother and sister, sheltering from
the snow while walking in the Derbyshire hills, live the lives of their ancestral
counterparts in 1665 who are sent into hiding by their mother when the plague
strikes their village. An accessible historical novel which focuses on the
children’s struggle for survival and is evocative of place as well as time.
The Day My Father Became a Bush by Joke Van Leeuwen
Gecko Press - Paperback - 9781877579165
Toda is so-called because, where she lives now, no-one can pronounce her real
name. She lives with her pastry chef father. When war breaks out he becomes a
soldier. Fortunately, he knows about camouflage. Grandmother decides to send
Toda to her mother who lives across the border. Toda deals with all the
circumstances and people she meets along the way with resourcefulness and
characteristic good humour.
The Green Ship by Quentin Blake
Red Fox - Paperback - 9780099253327
Two children discover a ship made out of trees and bushes. On climbing aboard
they enter their own fantasy world, which they share with two equally
imaginative adults. Beautifully illustrated by Quentin Blake.
The Ice Palace by Robert Swindells
Puffin - Paperback - 9780140349665
The language and landscape of this story evoke the atmosphere of Russian folk
tales. Ivan’s quest to rescue his little brother from the evil Starjik calls to mind
other stories such as Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. It is a tale of
mystery and illusion, on the cusp between life and death.
Collated and created by Lucy Coates and school councillors D’Yarna, Richard and Meriem for Heathbrook Primary School
The Last Polar Bears by Harry Horse
Puffin - Paperback - 9780140363821
A short novel related entirely in the form of letters to his grandchild from an old
man on an expedition to the Arctic to see the polar bears during his lifetime and
before the snow-caps melt and they become extinct. Accompanied by his talking
dog Roo, he undertakes a stormy sea voyage and encounters penguins and wolves
as he traverses the snowy landscape. Liberally and humorously illustrated in
black and white by the author.
The Little Blue Slipper. An Irish Cinderella Story by Jude Daly
Frances Lincoln - Paperback - 9781845078157
Jude Daly’s illustrations give this variant of the Cinderella story a medieval
setting in rural Ireland. Readers will recognise the well known elements of the
traditional tale. Fair and Brown go to church in fine new dresses but won’t allow
their sister Trembling out of the house for fear men will be ensnared by her
The Naming of Tishkin Silk by Millard, Glenda
Phoenix Yard - Paperback – 9781907912245
Millard has a genius for letting the plot unfold so that the reader gradually comes
to an interpretation of what is going on and an understanding of the characters
and their motives. Griffin and his five older sisters, known as the Rainbow Girls,
are part of a loving and welcoming family who are not afraid to behave
unconventionally and show their feelings. The stories deal with emotional
subjects in ways which touch the heartstrings but avoid false sentimentality. The
black and white illustrations are delicate and impressionistic and leave space for
the reader’s own imagination.
The No 1 Car Spotter by Atinuke
Walker - Paperback - 9781406320770
Atinuke doesn’t name the African country in which she sets her short fiction
although she draws on her Nigerian cultural background for her lively comic
creations. Here the focus is on Oluwalase Babatunde Benson, aka No.1, called
thus because he is the foremost in his village at carspotting, the favoured hobby
of all the boys and men, derided by the girls and women, who think it distracts
them from more useful occupations. However, when the village’s only car breaks
down preventing them from taking their produce to market, it’s No.1 who says
‘No time for palava, no time for wahala’, and works out a way to make their
Toyota Corolla into a Toyota Cow-rolla!
The Ogress and the Snake by Elizabeth Laird
Frances Lincoln - Paperback - 9781845078706
A lively collection of folk tales told to the author by people living in the Somali
region of Ethiopia. They include stories of interaction between humans and
animals, children abandoned by their parents, a prince who must hide himself so
well that a princess cannot see him or his life will be forfeit, and two wily
merchants who aim to outdo each other. Illustrated in black and white in a
childlike style.
Collated and created by Lucy Coates and school councillors D’Yarna, Richard and Meriem for Heathbrook Primary School
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by A. Wolf by Jon Scieszka - Puffin
History is always open to interpretation, depending on whose point of view is
being put forward. The wolf from the well-known traditional tale insists that he
only went to visit the three pigs to borrow a cup of sugar and sneezed because he
had a cold which brought down their houses and killed them ‘dead as a doornail’.
The story is told in the style of an American crime novel and the whole concept,
in terms of both text and illustrations, yields many unexpected pleasures.
The Wicked Tricks of Till Owlyglass by Michael Rosen
Walker - Paperback - 9781406349177
The traditional stories about Till Eulenspiegel are set within a modern day
framework about two boys on holiday in Germany, who hear the tales from an
elderly man who has been asked to keep them out of mischief. As the stories
unfold, and the reader gets to know the character of arch trickster Till, the
comedy becomes richer. The humorous illustrations show the medieval European
setting of the stories.
The Wolf's Story:What Really Happened to Little Red Riding Hood by Toby
Forward - Walker - Paperback - 9781406301625
Told from the viewpoint of the wolf who is determined to convince readers that
the version we all know is mistaken. Apparently, the wolf was really an obliging
soul, helping out Grandma with odd jobs and trying to protect her from the jawbreaking toffee that Red Riding Hood always brings. However, his tone tells a
different story, or does it?
Collated and created by Lucy Coates and school councillors D’Yarna, Richard and Meriem for Heathbrook Primary School
A filth of starlings by Patrick George
PatrickGeorge - Paperback - 9781908473028
A witty look at collective nouns for birds and aquatic animals. Imaginative
illustrative ways of interpreting these group names have suggested themselves, so
that twin clockfaces of Big Ben become the eyes of an owl who is a member of a
‘parliament of owls’, while a ‘murder of crows’ carry weapons suspiciously
familiar from the game ‘Cluedo’ in their beaks.
A Walk in London by Salvatore Rubbino
Walker - Paperback – 9781406337792
A child and her mother explore London, getting off a bus as Big Ben as the clock
strikes eleven and ending up back there at six, having visited many of the tourist
sights, including Buckingham Palace, St James’s Park, Covent Garden and the
Tower of London. The child’s commentary is interspersed with interesting
information snippets. Central to this guide are the retro style illustrations which
serve to emphasise the city’s historic past while incorporating the many changes.
B is for Bangladesh by Urmi Rahman
Frances Lincoln - Hardback - 9781845079185
One of a series of photographic alphabet books based around life in different
countries, written by authors who have close associations with the country
concerned. Urmi Rahman spent her childhood in Bangladesh and here
introduces its culture and customs, flora and fauna, from K for Kana Machhi, a
children’s game to S for Shapla the water lily which is the national flower.
Barefoot Books World Atlas by Nick Crane
Barefoot - Hardback - 9781846863325
This atlas enables readers to explore each region of the world, including its
oceans, by focusing on environment and culture and the interdependency
between humankind and nature. The maps incorporate drawings of people,
wildlife, architecture and artefacts, many of which are mentioned in the
accompanying text. Further facts feature in lift-the-flap information boxes. The
interactivity of this atlas is enhanced by the availability of an app which has been
developed for ipad, iphone and ipod touch.
Brother William's Year. A Monk at Westminster Abbey by Jan Pancheri
Frances Lincoln - Paperback - 9781847802408
A monk takes readers through a year of his life at Westminster Abbey in 1383.
Like a medieval Book of Hours, the tasks for each month, its name beginning
with an illuminated letter, are set out in pictures as well as words. Brother
William is the gardener so there are special insights into the seasonal food that is
grown and recipes given a modern slant.
Can We Save the Tiger? by Martin Jenkins
Walker - Paperback - 9781406332087
Two committed conservationists have created a thought-provoking book about
the many creatures which are endangered due to human ignorance although
interventions that have reversed these trends are also acknowledged. Martin
Jenkins’ text has a conversational style and is accompanied by information about
each animal and its habitat and current numbers.
Collated and created by Lucy Coates and school councillors D’Yarna, Richard and Meriem for Heathbrook Primary School
P is for Poland by Agnieszka Mrowczynska
Frances Lincoln - Paperback - 9781847803528
This photographic alphabet book provides a personalised description of the
author’s home country, drawing on her childhood memories, and reflecting its
sights, sounds, smells and, especially, tastes. The food mouth-wateringly shown
and described is Borsch, Golabki, Jagody, Makowiec, Oscypek, Rydz, Torunskie
Pierniki and Uszka.
Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space by Dominic Walliman
Flying Eye - Hardback - 9781909263079
Did you know that Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, is the most likely place in
the solar system to have extraterrestrial life? This eyecatching information
book captures the excitement of finding out about space using the humorous
Professor Astro Cat as a guide.
River Story by Meredith Hooper
Walker - Paperback - 9781406325935
The author and illustrator have created the journey of a river from its source in
the mountains to its merger with the open sea compositing knowledge,
experience and memories of rivers they have known. The poetic text travels with
the river through a variety of landscapes both rural and urban. The blues, greens
and mauves Bee Willey uses display the changing moods and phases of the river.
The illustrations work very effectively together with the words to portray it as
something living and organic.
Stone Girl Bone Girl. The Story of Mary Anning of Lyme Regis by Laurence
Anholt - Frances Lincoln - Paperback - 9781845077006
This picture book tells the story of Mary Anning emphasising the influence of her
father on her developing interest in fossils. Spiritual, almost supernatural
elements are introduced into the story – Mary was struck by lightning as a baby,
also the little dog who helps her to find the icthyosaurus embedded in the cliff at
Lyme Regis mysteriously disappears afterwards. The colours used convey a dark
and stormy mood and contribute to the sense of timelessness surrounding the
ancient layers in which the icthyosaur is encased.
The Fossil Girl. Mary Anning's Dinosaur Discovery by Catherine Brighton
Frances Lincoln - Paperback - 9781845077327
In contrast to Laurence Anholt’s interpretation of Mary Anning’s life, this picture
book focuses more specifically on the episode in which she finds the icthyosaur.
The text is briefer and the comic strip style illustrations convey the light and
colour of a seaside town. Mary is portrayed as a more independent character in
this version.
Collated and created by Lucy Coates and school councillors D’Yarna, Richard and Meriem for Heathbrook Primary School
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