February Rinkside - Thornlie Bowling Club

EDition 5
Christmas and New Year have come and gone and so has the first month of the year.
Time flies especially the older you get.
Just before Christmas we had our Life Members day held in a new format. This time we
included past members and friends, thanks to the efforts of Margaret and Trevor Davies
who did the bulk of the catering and to Laurie Curtis, Ria Arrowsmith and Ian Rewell for
contacting past members the day was very successful. Noel Woods, the oldest living life
member, made a welcome appearance along with Jim Cooke whom a lot of members have
not had the pleasure of meeting. It was great to see a lot of other familiar faces that we
have not seen for a while. It is to the past members that the current membership owes
thanks for setting up the foundations on which we have been able to build a strong, viable
We now intend to make this an annual event to be held on the last Sunday prior to
Christmas. This will give everybody the opportunity to invite past members as they see
them throughout the year. Next event, to be held in December 2015, should even be bigger
and better, leading up to our club’s 50th anniversary year in 2016.
This event was followed up by our New Year’s Eve cabaret which some one hundred
people attended. However, only 30 were bowling members; the rest were made up from
Crossroads Country Club and visitors. The only committee member to attend was the ever
reliable Ric Scupham who helped put up additional decorations, was at the door greeting
all the guests, showed them to where they would be sitting, was the Master of Ceremonies
and at the end of the night, was left to clean up the hall by himself. People wonder why Ric
gets cheesed off. Next year it is unlikely that we will have a New Year function
Still on a gloomy note, we are fast approaching AGM time for both Ladies and Men’s Bowls
Sections and the Club’s AGM a little further down the track. The men have already set their
date as the 17th March 2015 and at the time of writing this article there were three
nominations for committee, all for Saturday Selectors. If we do not get a President,
Secretary, Treasurer, Match Chairman etc then their nominations will be in vain, there will
not be a Men’s Bowls Section. Let us hope the ladies fare better than the men.
As far as the club goes, Martin Stewart and Tony Churcher have indicated that they will
stand for their respective positions of Secretary and Treasurer, (Tony is still looking for an
assistant), so I guess the club will not fold. It just means the burden of work will fall on fewer
Just a reminder that we are committed to holding the Internations Carnival in May 2015, we
are looking for members to assist. If you have some spare time available the first weekend
in May, we could do with the help.
Now for a brighter note, our new catering crew, Caetano, Shamin and their offspring
Kimberley and Karl are settling in nicely. There have been a few teething problems but this
was to be expected when you have brand new people coming into the club and having to
start from the ground up. They are a wonderful family and deserve all the support we can
offer them.
In my last article I omitted to thank Joy Brown for assisting in setting up the tables for one of
our Melbourne Cup functions. I apologise Joy, for leaving you out but this is what happens
when you get old and try and include everyone in your thankyou's.
Our Bingo numbers are down on a Monday; I trust it is a combination of the hot weather
and festive holidays. We could certainly do with members’ support in spreading the word
that we conduct bingo on a Monday from 11am to 2pm.
On behalf of the Management Committee, congratulations to our Singles Championship
winners, Rhonda Creyk (ladies), Paul Pohe (men). In the other event held on the day,
Maureen Cooney won the ladies singles plate. I trust the respective match committees will
fill in all the details on the runners up and what an enthralling day of bowls it was.
Proud to be a Raven
Terry McCormack.
Hi All. Nothing too much to report on the financial side. The Club continues to tick along
pretty well financially considering the underlying groundswell of discontent within the Club.
I don't know about you but I can feel it bubbling away. It would seem that many of our
holders of committee positions, both Men's and Ladies' Bowls Sections and Management,
are not prepared to continue on as from the relative upcoming AGMs. (Oh! Oh! There goes
another one -- some are resigning as I am part way through writing this piece). I partially
blame this on not having a full complement of committee positions filled on the
Management Committee and the resultant pressure that then comes from some trying or
having to do too much. This pressure then filters down to the other volunteers. Then
someone complains or just has too much to say and the volunteers slip into the background
again. Some others have been doing just too much for too long. If the Club is to continue to
prosper and at least give some inkling that we are a club that's run on a professional basis
(and I am sure we can get better at what we do) we need another group of members to
stand up and take the reins. Whether it be Management Committee or the Men's and
Ladies' Sections, or any other form of volunteering, please consider lending a hand
somewhere. The future of the Club may well depend on the decision you make.
While on the subject of volunteers. Men's Sunday Scroungers will start on Sunday, 24th
May 2015. Is there anybody wishing to take over the running of this event for the 12/13
week season?
The "Bowl over Cancer" day held on the 28th of December raised just over $1,100 on the
day. A mighty effort considering the lack of numbers. Together with the proceeds of the
"wrong bias" tin, we sent off $1,400 to the "Children's Leukaemia and Cancer Research
Foundation." Please see the thank you/receipt letter on the notice board. Next year we may
have to consider a change of date to encourage more bowlers to attend. Congratulations to
the winners and thank you to all those that assisted on the day with raffle and match duties
New telephone lists have just been produced. I have gleaned as much correct information
as I can from the "chicken scratchings" that some members have left on old copies in
amending their details. There is a correct procedure to get any changes made and that is to
fill out a change of address/contact form. (On notice board). This will ensure the changes
are recorded on the mainframe computer. If anyone needs an updated version of the list
(there are a lot of new Men's selectors around) please let me know.
All for now
Secretary’s note
The Raven Classic is drawing close, this year to be contested over the weekend of Feb 28-Mar 1.
We have had a good level of interest, from other clubs as well as Thornlie, but could still do with
some more teams. So if you want to chance your arm and play some top players, get a team
Also, I’m looking for a couple more people to help with the catering side. Cookie is taking the role of
convenor for the weekend, and currently has four helpers. But we will need a few more, if you can
spare a day to help out.
Martin Stewart
Men’s President
We are now on the home run as far as pennants are concerned. Generally we are doing
OK - although we have started this year with what appears to be an obligatory slide after
the Xmas break. We just need to consolidate and get on with the job.
Since the last Rinkside, there has been a lot of movement as far as the selection members
are concerned. Dave Bradbury, Ray Tierney, Trevor Holtom and Ted Germaney all had a
simulated dummy spit from Saturday selectors and are no longer such. Peter Buckingham
remained and the Men's Bowls Committee co-opted Murray White, Trevor Drummond,
Jimmy Mitchell and Pat Kelly to steer Saturday pennants through the rest of the season.
Goldie Barton then caught whatever the other four had and spat the dummy from Thursday
selectors - He was replaced by Peter Reed to finish the season.
I must say, I do have some sympathy for the selectors as they are competing with, about, a
further hundred other selectors each week. Decisions made by selectors are done for a
variety of reasons - some of those reasons may not be seen by the general bowling
member - and some of them may not be quite correct, but that does not give anyone the
right to criticise and carry on like pork chops - unless they are prepared to stand up and be
a selector - on the committee - not from the armchair.
Men's AGM
The Men's AGM is to be held on Tuesday, 17 March 2015 at 6pm at the Thornlie Bowling
Club. All positions on the Men's Bowls Committee will be vacated that night and filled from
those who have completed a nomination form by 24th February 2015. Notices regarding the
AGM and nomination forms are on the Men's notice board. The ballot box for nomination
forms is also in that vicinity.
Positions to be filled are: Men's President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Saturday
selectors, Midweek selectors, Match Committee and Delegate.
This is an opportunity for all the whingers and knockers to show what they are made of and
stand up to the task. There are a lot who seem to give plenty of back room advice and
criticise the volunteers who are trying to do the right thing for the club - Well, here is your
Remember, without a Men's Bowls Committee - there is no men's bowls......
As this will be the last Rinkside prior to the Men's AGM, I take this opportunity to thank
those who have given up their time - for free - to ensure bowls can be played. Peter Reed
has been Vice President for a few years now and nothing is too much trouble for Peter, as
well as being an umpire and head coach. Trevor Drummond has been Men's Treasurer for
longer than anyone can remember, he also helps out with auditing in other areas of the
club, ran the Golden Triple for some time and is currently heavily involved in the raffle bats
selling each week. Owen Perryman took on the Secretary's role and did a splendid job even though he reckons he was out of his depth and did not particularly endear to the job.
Gerry Oeding sat as the chair of match, which involved quite a lot of work. It is not just a
matter of going out and running a social game - fixtures have to be programmed,
championship events have to be run and then there are all those other days, like the
L J Hooker breakfast, Easter Pairs and the list goes on and on. We have not had a delegate
for a couple of years and the selection chair positions held by Dave Bradbury and Goldie
Barton have changed - but they did a great job when they were in office.
I thank all of you and, of course, a big thank you also to all the other members who made
up the sub committees of the Men's Bowls Committee - that is Match Committee, Saturday
Selectors and Midweek Selectors.
A drunk man who smelled like beer sat down on a subway next to a priest.
The man's tie was stained, his face was plastered with red lipstick and a half-empty
bottle of whisky was sticking out of his torn coat pocket.
He opened his newspaper and began reading.
After a few minutes the man turned to the priest and asked, 'Say Father, what causes
The priest replies, 'My son, it's caused by loose living, being with cheap, wicked women,
too much alcohol, contempt for your fellow man, sleeping around with prostitutes and lack
of a bath.'
The drunk muttered in response, 'Well, I'll be.' Then returned to his paper.
The priest, thinking about what he had said, nudged the man and apologized. 'I'm very
sorry. I didn't mean to come on so strong. How long have you had arthritis?'
The drunk answered, 'I don't have it, Father. I was just reading here that the Pope does.'
Make sure you understand the question before offering the answer.
Adios to all
Rick Scupham
Men's President
Tuesday Pennants
With only five weeks of pennants left for the ladies, one can only wonder where the time
First division has a struggle on their hands in the next few weeks. Playing three of the top
teams out of five will be hard going.
The enjoyment goes out of the game when we are outclassed most weeks.
Thanks to our coaches for their time and effort they have put in with the ladies this season.
Every week we go out, thinking we have a chance, or might be lucky enough to get the
Second red is really doing our club proud. In top position by two points. All l can do is give
you all a lot of praise as nearly every week, one of your rinks pick up "rink of the
week."(Very kindly donated by Renate )
With so few games left, it will be great if there is another first division at our club.
Second white really shows the quality of the players we are so lucky to have.
Last year most of these ladies played third division and for this team of twelve to be sitting
in second, only eight points from the top, is truly wonderful.
Once again l say our club is very special with the quality of players we have.
Third red is also doing amazing, currently in the middle position.
There are several ladies playing their first or second season, so to be in this position
playing third division is very special.
On our last game we will have a windup .Notices will be sent out with team managers as
plans are made.
I would like to say thanks to our team managers Pat Triner, Milly Boulton, Norma Thorpe
and Jan Ryder. You do a great job. Thank you.
To the ladies that are not well, l wish you all a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing
you all on the bowling green.
Norma Separovich, chair of selection.
Plan to live to 100. Retire worry free
Many of us think about market risk when planning for retirement, but how much do we know
about longevity risk? Arguably more confronting than market risk, it's generally less understood.
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian life expectancy is ranked among the
highest in the world. Life expectancy at birth for Australian males and females is the joint fourth
highest and joint third highest in the world respectively.
All of this adds up to a high longevity risk for Australians planning for retirement.
A male currently aged 65 can expect to live a further 19 years and female a further 22 years.
Even if markets remain relatively stable, you may consume all your assets before your life is over.
Matching the rate of consumption of your assets to the duration of your lifetime is tricky. Many of
us will run out of money first.
Considering how long we will live is critical for planning our retirement. However, if we plan based
on life expectancy, we’ll be wrong one way or the other almost all the time. By definition, half of us
will stay around longer than average.
Rather than planning to reach your life expectancy, you should plan to survive beyond it. One
reason is that, for a couple planning retirement, the probability that either one lives past average
life expectancy increases to 75 per cent.
In fact, there is a one-in-three chance that one will live to 95, and a one-in-ten chance that one
will live to 100. But the problem is, most of us aren’t planning to live to 100, or worrying about how
to fund it if we do.
Why aren't we worried about the longer term?
Some theories are:
Lack of awareness: In reading this, you’re among a minor few who understand how long
your planning horizon might need to be.
 Hyperbolic discounting: Things that are in the distant future have less relevance or
importance. Related to this is consumption bias, where we prefer to consume now rather
than save for the future.
 The money illusion: A lump sum of, say, $100,000 seems like it should be able to
generate at least $8,000 in perpetuity, and anything less seems like a bad deal. In reality,
that figure of $8,000 is less likely these days.
 Fear of regret: Some products that provide for longevity, such as lifetime annuities, are a
bet on your own mortality, and if you die early, you ‘lose’.
 A preference for liquidity: Lifetime annuities pay more if you relinquish access to your
money, but then you don’t have this money to cover unforeseeable costs such as medical
What about the pension?
Many Australians still assume that the pension is the longevity ‘product’ that will support them
through retirement. For many people, a retirement income derived solely from the Government
pension might not be enough to provide a reasonable standard of living.
What can we do?
It’s important to come up with a plan that will ensure sufficient income to keep you comfortable
throughout retirement. If you would like to make a plan or review your strategy please call Digby
Hurst and Stephen Catania of Assured Financial Partner on 08 9219 1350
Australian Bureau of Statistics, November 2013.
Words of Wisdom
More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't
so busy denying them." - Harold J. Smith
"Please support your Sponsors"
Well , we are two thirds through the Pennant season. The renovations on" D" Green are
almost complete due to Sam's hard work and the great support from the volunteer
members." A" green now needs a little work to get through the season so it will be closed
for a short time from Monday 2nd. So, good bowling and let's have a good finish to the
Paul Bamber, chair of Greens
Hello Thornlie Bowling Club Members, hope you enjoyed your New Year's Eve
Dance. Those who came via the country music side of things certainly did. The feed-back
lasted for quite a while, even though we had our own show so close on the Friday, January
2nd, which was also very well attended. This, of course, threw us straight into the New Year
where we have been attracting, for the most part, really good attendances each Friday
It seems that the new kitchen staff is settling in nicely and in fact, we believe that they ran
out of a couple of their curry dishes one Friday night as there was such a big crowd at the
club who all wished to purchase meals.
Our themed supper nights are still proving popular and the amount that we will donate is
growing steadily. For January, we thought an Australia Day theme would be appropriate but
for February, we will probably settle for something more romantic for a Valentine's Day
theme. Guess that means something with chocolate among other delicious looking items.
We have many people who now look forward to these occasions and come eagerly to the
trolley or table to see what is on offer. If you come to visit us on any Friday night, you may
be lucky enough to pick a time when this food is available and you will see for yourself. It
still amazes the ladies who do all the preparation and cooking that some of their customers
act as though they are never fed. Perhaps it's the fact that it is all home cooked! But it is all
for a good cause!
We look forward to seeing you sometime.
Ever wondered why we do things the way we do?
Submit a question and we will try to answer it
Question 1
Bowl ‘A’ is delivered on a ‘wrong bias’, it crosses onto the next rink and in doing so hits
Bowl ‘B,’ which has been delivered correctly on the next rink. What happens??
If, as stated, Bowl ‘A’ has left the rink on the wrong bias it becomes a dead bowl as it
passes on to the next rink ( Rule 27.1.5 – a bowl is dead if it passes outside a side
boundary of the rink on a bias which would prevent it from re-entering the rink). The bowl is
therefore not replayed and is removed from the rink. The Bowl ‘B’, on the next rink shall be
returned to the player to be redelivered.
If however Bowl ‘A’, delivered on a wrong bias, had not yet crossed the rink side line before
it hits Bowl ‘B’ it is still a ‘live’ bowl and therefore both bowls would be returned to the
respective players to be replayed.
Question 2
When does a player gain possession of the rink?
Rule 35.2 As soon as each bowl comes to rest the possession of the rink will transfer to the
opposing player or team.
Rule 35.2 If the umpire decides that the player in possession of the rink is being annoyed or
distracted in any way by their opponents the umpire shall warn the offending player in the
presence of his skip and also tell the manager that he has been warned.
On each occasion after the warning the umpire shall have the last bowl played by the
offending player declared ‘dead’. If the bowl has disturbed the head the opposing skip shall
decide whether to 1) Replace the head. 2) Leave the head as is, or 3) declare the end
All answers are based on the Bowls Australia “LAWS OF THE SPORT OF BOWLS”
Submit questions to Al Gee, or any umpire
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