Managing the interface between sexual orientation and faith

Managing the interface between sexual orientation and faith
Outline of
Key points
The Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Equality in Post School Education (The Forum) supported
research into managing the interface between sexual
orientation and faith. The research was a product of joint
work with the National Council of Faiths and Beliefs in FE.
This workshop looked at the motivation behind the work and
explored some findings.
 Differencing opinion on collection for sexual
 Can be empowering to some but for others it can seen
as ticking boxes
 International students from countries where LGBT is
illegal must be given support to understand Equality
provision in UK as well as helping them when they are
returning home, especially where they have ‘come out’
This workshop looked at the research that was carried out by the Forum for sexual
orientation and gender identity equality
A number of key points were raised by the participants of this workshop, the following are
a synopsis of them: Some Students pick universities based on their track record regarding LGBT issues
 ‘coming out’ on a form cannot be equated to actually coming out
 ‘ticking the box’ is important and in some cases can be empowering as it shows
 Many universities have international student who come from countries where
homophobia is acceptable, they need to be given support
 ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association) website gives data on countries
which have low tolerance of homosexuality. Good reference point for information on
groups in such countries who provide help and support.
 IT systems were not seen as being capable of storing data on Sexual orientation in a
sensitive way.
 Sexual Orientation dominated discussion. Is there a space for those faiths broadly
opposed to LGBT to put their cause forward in these discussions?
 Provision of services is the responsibility of all professions.