1920`s/Great Gatsby Group Project - Tri

1920’s/Great Gatsby Group Project:
Step 1: You are assigned a group, and a specific aspect of the 1920’s to research (one of the seven below).
Step 2: Answer the focus questions using the websites below. Your answers must be in your own words
(if you quote anything, it must be properly cited).
Step 3: You MUST also come up with TWO interesting facts about your assigned aspect of the 20’s using the online
databases provided to you on the school website. (Things NOT discussed in your focus questions). Discuss why
you found these facts to be interesting. These interesting facts must be cited properly and referred to within the
PowerPoint slide.
Step 4: Create a PowerPoint using Google Slides (1 intro, 5-7 information slides, 1 closing reference slide) to teach
the class about your subject. Your PowerPoint must use a variety of images/words (all words must be your own, or
cited properly). Each slide MUST HAVE a lead-in for the information; summary, paraphrase, or quoted information
from source; and the APA in-text citation.
PowerPoint’s will be presented on January 27th and 28th
All group members will need to talk during your presentation
A rubric for your presentation will be coming…
Topic 1: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Focus on … What was F. Scott Fitzgerald's relationship with money like? What was his social
status? Which people and events most influenced him?
Topic 2: Money & American Dream
Focus on ... What was the American Dream in the 1920s? What was the economy like in the 1920s? What was the
money mentality of the 1920s?
Topic 3: Prohibition, Crime & Scandal
Focus on … What is prohibition? What kind of scandals did prohibition lead to? What is a speakeasy? What types of
illegal activities were popular? Why was the Leopold and Loeb trial so disturbing? Important: What was happening
to concepts of morality during this era?
Topic 4: Racism
Focus on ... Why was racism and racist violence so rampant in the 1920s? How did immigration lead to racism?
What groups promoted racism in the 1920’s and how did they promote it?
Topic 5: Women and Flappers
Focus on ... How were women's lives different during the 1920s? What was a flapper? What was the flapper
lifestyle? Why did flappers become prominent? What was the significance of the 19th amendment?
Topic 6: Social Life in the Jazz age
Focus on ... What were the fashion styles of the era? How important was entertainment to society, and what forms
did it take? How were the youth of the era rebellious? Why was jazz considered so evil? How did WWI affect
American ideals?
Topic 7: Technology & Daily Life
Focus on ... What were some of the scientific advances and inventions of the 1920s, and how did they make
people's day-to-day lives VERY different from previous generations? Why were cars considered "the most
important catalyst for social change in the 1920's"?