Chapter 12 Test Review

What were Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo
Vanzetti charged with and convicted of?
What did the Ku Klux Klan do in the 1920s
to expand its membership?
The immigration policies of the 1920s
limited immigration from which countries?
What did Attorney General A. Mitchell
Palmer believe he needed to protect the
American people from?
What happened to union membership in
the 1920s?
What was the first practical peacetime use
of airplanes for?
What was the main factor causing urban
sprawl in the 1920s?
What did the Teapot Dome scandal center
What was the Fordney-McCumber Tariff
meant to do?
To protect their own interests, what did
employers often accuse striking workers of
What are anarchists?
What strike caused the Massachusetts
governor, Calvin Coolidge, to call out the
National Guard?
What was the panic surrounding the threat
of communism in the early 1920s called?
What was adopted in 1922 with the
purpose of raising taxes on imported
What form of credit does “A dollar down
and a dollar forever” represent?
What was the main goal of the Washington
Naval Conference?
What were the personal friends that
President Harding put into his cabinet
known as?
Why was the quota system of the 1920s
What scandal involved the secret leasing of
government-owned oil reserves for
profitable use by private companies?
What was the quota system of the 1920s?
Explain why it was established, who it
affected, and several results of the policy.
What technological invention or
advancement of the 1920s had the biggest
impact on the life of the average
American? Explain your opinion.
Be sure to