Name Haley Cole
Date February 24th
Part 1: Does Jazz Put the Sin in Syncopation?
Using the Site 1 article (first four paragraphs), answer the following questions:
1. Who wrote this article? When was it published?
Anne shaw Faulkner, august 1921
2. According to Faulkner, what was the "serious situation" facing America in the
1920s? that people think the jazz music was evil and causing the teenagers to do
bad things such as rebelling.
3. What rule does Faulkner claim was adopted by the National Dancing Master's
Association, and why? Banned vulgar jazz music because it almost forces
dancers use jerky dance moves and invites immoral variations
Part 2: A Flapper's Appeal to Parents
Using the Site 2 article (first eight paragraphs), answer the following questions:
4. Who wrote this letter? Who is it addressed to?
Ellen welles page, older gerneration
5. What characteristics of flapper style does she identify in paragraph 1?
Bobbed hair, fringed skirts, bright colored sweaters and scarves, dancing
6. What does she identify as differences between her generation and her parents'
generation? We are more better educated and more developed mentally
7. What does she say causes girls to become flappers in paragraphs 6-8?
Criticism and distrust from older people
Part 3: Fashion of the 1920s
8. Describe the two fashions most associated with the 1920s.
the cloche hat the flapper dress
9. Describe the mood represented by the people and music in the video "Flappers –
the Roaring 20s."
10. Describe the songs that young people listen to today. How would you describe the
mood(s) of these songs?
Part 4: Comparing Flappers and Modern Youth
Using what you have learned, complete the chart below by describing the characteristics
of 1920s flappers and modern youth.
Flappers of the 1920s
Watched movies
smoked going to dances
riding around in cars
Flapper dresses cloche hats
high heeled shoes bright
colored scarves and
Criticism and distrust
Modern Youth
hang out go to movies go to
ball games go to concerts
go skating go bowling
Clothes and Fashion
Music Style
Reaction of Parents
Skinny jeans band shirts
holister aerpostale
Rock, screamo, hip hop, rap
, they worry about me