Autumn 1 Letter - South Ossett Infants` Academy

South Ossett Infants’ Academy
Vicar Lane, Ossett, West Yorkshire, WF5 0BE
Telephone / Fax 01924 302870
Email: [email protected]
Headteacher: Mrs Tina Shute
Safeguarding Officer: Mrs Tina Shute
Registered in England. Company No: 7851205
2nd September 2014
Dear Parents and Carers
I hope you all had a good summer and had plenty of opportunities to enjoy the wonderful weather.
We have all come back to school full of energy and ready go to for the new term. We are pleased to welcome
you all back if you are returning after the summer and a warm welcome too to all those new to the Academy.
Among those new to the Academy is Miss Danielle Newby, joining us as part of our teaching team.
As there have been some changes among the staff and some of you are new to us I thought you might like a
brief who’s who of the staff.
Class One
Class Two
Staff and role
Mrs Frazer - Teacher and Foundation Stage Leader, Miss Newby – Teacher, Mrs Stones –
Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Mrs Hobson – Practitioner, Mrs Simmonds – Practitioner,
Mrs Orwin - Practitioner
Miss Broadhead – Teacher (Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesday in Class), Mrs
O’Connor – Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays in Class), Mrs Radley, Miss Dow and
Mrs Simmonds – Practitioners
Mrs Lilley – Teacher and Key Stage One Leader, Mrs Ryan – Practitioner
Ms Smith – School Business Manager, Mrs Hau – Administrator
Mrs Prime and Mrs Game – Kingswood Catering, Miss Dow, Mrs Angus, Mrs Allsop, Mrs
Hubbard, Mrs Foster and Mrs Hurdus - Lunchtime Supervisors
Mr Howse
Mrs Tina Shute
Accompanying this newsletter are a number of forms and club letters. Please could you return these to school
as soon as possible. If you have changed your mobile number or home number or other details please let
school know these as a matter of urgency. On a number of occasions last year we were unable to get in touch
with parents when needed as we only had no longer used numbers.
A brief plea about uniform; please can all uniform be named, we still have unnamed items in our lost property
box from last year if you are missing any jumpers, gloves, hats…
I would like to reiterate our “Open Door” policy; if you need to speak to a member of staff we will see you
straight away if possible or, if not, arrange to meet as soon as we can. If you need to speak to a class teacher
and the issue is extremely relevant to how your child may be in school on that day, please go and see them or
a practitioner in class. If it is a general issue then the end of the school day, once the children have been
collected, is generally quieter. We are also available on the phone or via email if you can’t get in to speak to us
in person. Home-school communication is really important to us.
A letter with diary dates and other information will go out later this week. All newsletters will be published on
the VLE and the school website. If you would like a copy emailed to you please let Mrs Hau know.
Kind Regards,
Mrs Shute
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