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Middle Age Study Guide

Christianity spreads to northern Europe

1. During which long term event was Rome a dangerous place?

2. How was Europe ruled at the beginning of the Middle Ages?

3. Why did Saint Patrick go to Ireland?

The Franks build an Empire

4. Who established Christianity among the Franks

Invaders threaten Europe

5. Who were the most fearsome invaders during Charlemagne’s reign?

Feudalism Governs Knights and nobles

6. Why did many nobles become rulers of their own land?

7. List two responsibilities of a vassal toward a lord



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Feudalism Spreads

8. Who brought feudalism to eastern Europe?

The Manor system

9. What Knights and serfs provide each other under feudalism?

Towns and Trade Grow

10. What two changes helped lead to a decline in feudalism?

Popes and kings rule Europe

11. Name two responsibilities as leader of the Christian Church



12. Why do you think people feared the Pope’s ability to excommunicate them?

Pop Fights for Power

14. What event cause a permanent split in the church?

Kings and Popes Clash

15. How did Pop Gregory respond to Henry IV’s(5 th

) attempt to remove him from power?

The church shapes Society and Politics

16. List two key events in a person’s life during the Middle Ages in which the local church was clearly involved



Monks and Friars

17. Why did monks of Cluny establish a new religious order?

18. How were the Dominicans and Franciscans different from the orders who lived in monasteries?

Universities are built

19. Why did Thomas Aquinas write about the existence of god?

The Church and the Arts

20. Why do you think so much of Medieval European art was made for the church?

Magna Carta causes change in England

21. What was the Magna Carta?

22. Who made up the original British Parliament?

The Hundred Years’ War

23. Why was Joan of Arc’s feat truly remarkable?

The Black Death

24. What is the estimated number of victims of the Black Death?

25. How did the Black Death ultimately benefit the survivors who lived on the manors?

The church Reacts to Challenges

26. What two things did some of the Christians feel that the clergy was more concerned with than God?

27. Who did Church officials send to find heretics?

Christians Fight The Moors

28. What was the Reconquista?

29. How many people in both Portugal and Spain died at the hands of the Spanish Inquistion?

Jews face Discrimination

30. Name two things that some Medieval Europeans blamed on the Jews