Year 1 Newsletter Happy New Year! Hope everyone is feeling

Happy New Year! Hope everyone is feeling refreshed after the holiday break.
This term our exciting topics are going to be based on Space and
Travel. In the first half term we will be focusing on the historical
figure of Neil Armstrong. We will also have a visitor coming in to our
class who will give us a full day of exciting activities based on this
famous astronaut and his achievements in space. In the second half
term we will be focusing on Christopher Columbus and his historical
In literacy, we will be exploring, creating and re-creating various
aspects of stories from Aliens Love Underpants through to The
Snowman, using drama, sentence construction, grammar,
handwriting and punctuation within our writing. Don’t forget about
our fantastic Snowman theatre trip which will add to our overall
literacy experience! If you would like to help out and come along
please let me or the office know by Wednesday 20th January.
Thank you to parents who have already let me know. We are still
short though, we need two more! Money needs to be handed into
the office please.
Within maths we will be exploring a variety of aspects such as: 1 more 1 less, number
recognition, place value, counting forwards and backwards to 100, addition, subtraction,
finding halves and quarters, 3D shapes and time, lots of practical opportunities within this!
In science, our topic is Everyday Materials where we will make a collage and examine the
properties of materials. In ICT we will continue to explore coding and
using Word. PE will look at dynamic balances. PLEASE REMEMBER A
will also be required on Thursday 21st January as we have been
fortunate enough to have been invited to attend an infant agility
event at NTU, which should be very exciting as the theme will be
superheroes! We will make masks in class for this event.
pto …
Please visit our year 1 super stars class blog! You can access this
through the school website under the ‘children’ tab, year 1 class
blog. This is kept updated to show you our learning journey and
some of what we get up to in and out of class. You will also find
interesting links that could be useful in helping your child progress
even further in their learning. Thank you for all the wonderful 3D
items you sent in before Christmas relating to our Eric Carle author, these can be viewed on
the blog and are truly AMAZING!
Please read with your child for just 10 minutes 3 times a week, it
really makes a whole world
of difference. Any parents who would like to help with reading
are always appreciated. Just let the office staff or myself know
when you can be available.
Thanks for all your support and here’s to a great Spring term.
Any questions feel free to come and see me. After school is
normally the best time to catch me, as mornings can be a little
A MacDonald
Mrs MacDonald
Class 1 teacher, PE and Forest School Leader