Behavior: Ground Rules/Guidelines/Agreements Employees/Staff

Behavior: Ground Rules/Guidelines/Agreements
(guidelines for clinical use of e-mail with patients)
Codes of Conduct/Ethics:
The Health on the Net Foundation works to improve the quality of online health
information by establishing principles and certification of sites.
The HON Code of Conduct/Principles
1. Authoritative: Indicate the qualifications of the authors.
2. Complementary: Information should support, not replace, the doctor–patient
3. Privacy: Respect the privacy and confidentiality of personal data submitted to the site
by the visitor.
4. Attribution: Cite the source(s) of published information, date, and medical and
health pages
5. Justifiability: Site must back up claims relating to benefits and performance.
6. Transparency: The site should have accessible presentation and an accurate e-mail
7. Financial disclosure: Identify funding sources.
8. Advertising policy: Clearly distinguish advertising from editorial content.
The Healthcare Blogger Code of Ethics was designed in response to problems
experienced by medical bloggers. The goal of this code is twofold:
1. To give the readers of a medical blog a clear idea of the standards by which the blog
is maintained.
2. To give bloggers (especially anonymous ones) a clear set of guidelines they can show
employers, patients, or other concerned parties as to the nature of the blog.
Health Train Manifesto: A collaborative effort to create principles under which open
media can become a force of positive change in public health and the healthcare system.