F1 in Schools - Aquinas Grammar

F1 in Schools
Our Facts, BBC School Report
The Team
• Jason McKillen-Team Manager and
Resources Manager
• Ryan Loughran
• Mark Doherty
• Ethan Milner
• Conor Morrow
• Jack McAlinden
• Paddy Brennan
The Brief
• The team had to research about designs
that they thought would be good to use for
the competition, they tried to find the best
design for the competition so they started
with last years design and worked from
there. They got the design from last year
and looked at it and made it better
About F1 in schools
• F1 in Schools Ltd is a not-for-profit company established with
committed partners to provide an exciting yet challenging
educational experience through the magnetic appeal of Formula
One. F1 in Schools is rapidly realising its potential of becoming the
only truly global educational programme that raises awareness of
Formula One among students and school children in every region, in
every country, on every continent. Spanning age ranges of 9 to19
its main objective is to help change perceptions of engineering,
science and technology by creating a fun and exciting learning
environment for young people to develop an informed view about
careers in engineering, Formula One, science, marketing and
• 34 countries.... 12 million students.... 1 experience of a
lifetime !
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