Sojourner Truth Assignment

“Ain’t I a Woman?”
Sojourner Truth
You are going to read this speech at least 3 times:
a. First, read for the gist;
b. Second, read to identify the big ideas;
c. Third, read to examine the author’s methods for communicating her big ideas
First Reading:
Read and annotate the speech “Ain’t I a Woman?” by Sojourner Truth. Make sure to look up any words
you don’t know.
Second Reading (Main Ideas): Answer on a separate piece of paper
1. Who is the speaker?
2. Who is the speaker speaking to?
3. What do you know about the speaker? Where in the text do you see this?
4. What is Truth’s argument (in your own words)?
5. Which passages do you find most compelling in advancing her argument? Explain why.
6. What are her claims?
7. Which claim(s) do you find most significant to Truth’s argument? Explain.
Third Reading (The Author’s Methods): Answer on a separate piece of paper
8. How many times does the speaker state, “Ain’t I a Woman?”
9. What do you think she means by that phrase?
10. Why do you think she keeps repeating that question?
11. Why does Truth begin her speech with claims that have to do with individual people?
12. Why does Truth end her speech with claims about God?
13. Truth uses repetition in her speech. Identify where, and then examine what impact the
repetition has in the speech.
14. Where does Truth use moral/emotional/logical appeals? Identify by passage/sentence.
Writing Assignment: Write on a new piece of paper
15. Write one body paragraph that addresses the following prompt:
Identify Sojourner Truth’s argument in her speech “Ain’t I a Woman.” Address all of the
following in your paragraph:
a. What is Sojourner Truth’s claim?
b. Identify at least 2 rhetorical techniques she uses in order to support her claim.
c. Evaluate how effective her rhetorical techniques are.