Siobhan Bonilla Writing Assignment - Writing101-CNR

Siobhan Bonilla Writing Assignment #2
Professor Franklin
Writing 101
February 12, 2011
And Ain't I a Woman? By Sojourner Truth
And Ain't I am Woman by Sojourner Truth was a composed speech written
during the feminist movement in the mid 19th century. It became an uprising
speech because although Sojourner Truth was a slave and uneducated, she
cited this speech with dignity and power regardless of the color of her skin.
Even though this speech has no proof of it being written it was recorded by
Frances D. Gage at a woman's rights convention in Akron, Ohio (50 Great
Essays). History will forever give tribute to this speech, because not only did it
speak of woman's rights, but it shaped and modeled today's society for women
living today. Several viewers who have read this essay seem to feel
accordingly different towards Sojourner Truth's speech. Some appreciate it
and others question it, but the mere fact stands that it exist under the
influence of positive change. A change that has proven to become alive to some
extent within this world today.
According to Jone Johnson "Recent scholarship has disputed whether this
account, written about 30 years after the speech was given, is an accurate
representation of truth's speaking style. the dialect, in particular, was most
likely an addition by Gage (". This statement conveys that Johnson
is more prone to her speaking style than the message it signaled to women
actually wanting equality amongst men in the world. The way truth spoke
within her speech gave a true meaning regardless of whether her speaking
was out of context. "Then they talk about this thing in the head; what's this
they call it? ["intellect", whispered some one near] That's it honey. (50 Great
Essays)". This part of truths speech conveys the speaking style in which
Johnson was referring to. Although the context isn't properly in order, It
allows the readers to understand where she is coming from to a certain extent.
It also allows readers to understand that Truth also knew from right from
wrong; whether she was uneducated or not she still new that the right for
women to be equal to men was right in that time aura.
"Those can only appreciate it who saw her powerful form, her whole-souled,
earnest gesture, and listened to her strong and truthful tones (kyphilon
.com)". This statement was said by Dr. Detine L. Bowers who is a true historian
behind Sojourner Truth and her work. She clearly "appreciates" truths speech
in recognition to women being equal to men. She also understood the true
essence of the speech as it is written regardless of how it was written or
spoken. Dr. Bowers also expresses her appreciation because she herself is a
woman. With that being said if it weren't for Truth's words within that speech,
it wouldn't give women back then and in today's society the motivation they
needed to be where they are today.
in my opinion, I believe sojourner Truth paved a way for women today. life
would be rather difficult for women because if men actually dominated
today's society completely, then women would truly live up to the household
standard that everyone might have envisioned back then. Women do have a
right to go out into the world and achieve the dream to become a doctor,
lawyer, teacher and etc. Truth stated "If the first woman God ever made was
strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together
ought to be able to turn it back and get it right side up again; (50 Great
Essays)". This statement that was said in the speech was so uplifting. I find it to
be also very true because if men can do certain things, then so can women.
Women are allowed to have as much equal power as men because God created
this world equal so that we can enjoy the fruits and labors equally. Not
separately. Sojourner Truth speaks with a high volume even if she was a slave
and uneducated as they say. In my eyes she will always be considered a strong
black women who was educated in the sense that she fought for what she
believed in.
All in all, This speech has many different views. The two views that were
voiced within this essay gives a greater knowledge of how they've felt towards
Truth and the words that were spoken within that speech. It has been a factor
of change to many women in this world. A change that will not be forgotten.
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