Voices from TKAM

Voices from To Kill A
Diction, Imagery, Syntax
Who says it?
“Now you tell your father not
to teach you any more. It’s
best to begin reading with a
fresh mind.”
Who says it?
“You ain’t sending me home,
missus. I was on the verge of
leaving; -- I done done my
time for this year.”
Who says it?
“No, putting his life history
on display for the edification
of the neighborhood . . . You
stop this nonsense right
Who says it?
“Scout, I’m tellin’ you for the
last time, shut your trap or go
home -- I declare to the Lord
you’re gettin’ more like a girl
every day.”
Who says it?
“Why, I’ll build me a little house and
take me a couple of roomers and -gracious, I’ll have the finest yard in
Who says it?
“Grandma says that all men
should learn to cook, that
men oughta be careful with
their wives and wait on ‘em
when they don’t feel good.”
Who says it?
“Don’t you contradict me!
And you -- what are you
doing in those overalls? You
should be in a dress and
camisole, young lady!”
Who says it?
“He’s gonna want to be off to
himself a lot now, doin’
whatever boys do, so you just
come right on in the kitchen
when you feel lonesome.”
Who says it?
“Atticus, it’s all right to be
soft-hearted, you’re an easy
man, but you have a daughter
to think of. A daughter who’s
growing up.”
Who says it?
“They ain’t mean. They buy me
anything I want, but it’s now-you’ve got-it-go-play-with-it. You’ve got a
roomful of things.”
Who said it?
“Maybe he told you about me,
I beat him up one time, but
he was real nice about it. Tell
him hey for me, won’t you?”