260-2 Day Overnight Educational Trip Parent Guardian Consent

Form 260-2
Day/Overnight Educational Trip
Parent/Guardian Consent Letter Template
Insert School Name,
Address, Town, Sask., Postal Code
Phone: (Number) Fax: (Number)
email address if applicable
AP 260 Educational Trips (Curricular and
July 9, 2013
Submit to
See AP 260 Educational Trips (Curricular
and Extra-Curricular)
Student Name
Student Address
Parent/Guardian Name
Home Phone
Work Phone
School Name
Name of Educational Trip
(including location)
Date of Educational Trip
I, being the parent/guardian of the above mentioned student who is participating in the above described
Educational Trip, hereby give permission that my child, named above, may participate in the educational trip. I
have read the attached memo which sets out the details of the educational trip.
A complete explanation of the trip should be given to the parents before the consent is signed
(within the body of this letter or attached). The information should include: nature and purpose
of the educational trip, unusual factors (special risks); supervision to be provided;
transportation arrangements; costs; etc.
I hereby acknowledge that I have taken steps to inform myself as fully as possible concerning the details of the
educational trip my child will be taking and of the dangers facing participants of such educational trip, including
the risk of physical injury.
I accept that it is my child’s responsibility to abide by the school Code of Conduct/School Rules and those set
out for this educational trip, and if applicable the laws of the country and all places to which my child travels. I
agree that the supervisors of the educational trip may require my child to return home if a breach of those rules
occurs and I agree to be responsible for and pay any and all costs that may arise. I hereby agree that I will
accept full responsibility for any damage, injury or loss caused to persons or property arising out of the conduct
of my child.
Teacher/Principal – inclusion of the following is dependent on type of trip
Include in letter if:
1. High Risk Activity
I also indemnify and save harmless the Sun West Board of Education from any and all actions, causes of
actions, demands, expenses or losses whatsoever which they may bear as a result of my child’s
participation in this event by reason of damage to any and all property and any and all personal injuries,
including the death of others or my child.
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2. Medical Disclosure
I understand that there are potential risks associated with the travel and the physical demands of the trip and
I hereby warrant that my child is physically fit to participate in the trip and all activities planned during the
educational trip.
I have provided any medical information relevant to my child, including the names and dosages of any
prescription or non-prescription medications required by my child as follows:
Include a Closing Statement:
I agree to the conditions set out above which have been explained to me by my parents.
Student’s Signature
Parent/Guardian’s Signature
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