Addendum to Biology 112 Fall 2014 Syllabus

Addendum to Biology 112 Fall 2014 Syllabus – Extra Credit
Here you are offered five opportunities to gain extra credit points. We are unable to offer proper field
trips, so I would like you to take the opportunity to get out and experience California ecosystems for
You may choose a hike, a trip to the beach (with an educational component), a natural history museum,
a coastal cleanup day, a whale watching trip, or another trip with advanced approval of the teacher.
Once you do the approved activity, write a 1-2 page typed double-spaced paper relevant to ecology
about the trip.
Each is worth 25 points and you can do 5 in total. They are due 9/26; 10/10; 10/24; 11/7; 11/21. They
will be graded on quality. You need to proofread, spell and grammar check, and get the ecology correct.
Example trips:
Audubon Canyon Ranch
Marine Mammal Center at the Marin Headlands
Bioluminescence kayak tour
Whale Watching
Coastal Cleanup Day – September 20
Año Nuevo
Westwood Hills
Mount Diablo
Land Trust of Napa Valley – hikes and/or volunteer opportunities
California Native Plant Society
California Academy of Sciences
Monterey Bay Aquarium