Locating Sewage Treatment

Locating Sewage Treatment Plants in London, Ontario (Past, Present, and Future)
The locating of sewage treatment plants is a highly contentious issue often associated
with environmental injustice and racism. The city of London has six sewage treatment
plants currently in operation and one proposed—the South Side Sewage Treatment Plant,
which is scheduled to be built by 2020.
Location of Sewage Treatment Plants, London, Ontario
Using GIS and socioeconomic data available at STATSCAN characterize the
neighbourhoods in which the current six sewage treatment plants are located. Include
variables such income, education, home ownership, and race. Compare these factors to
other neighbourhoods where sewage treatment plants are not located. Discuss you
findings. Next, examine the siting of the South Side Sewage Treatment Plant.
Characterize the neighbourhoods in which this plants will be adjacent to. Use the
environmental justice and racism theories discussed in class to explain your findings of
the existing and proposed sewage treatment plants.