Practicum 1
In this clip a young college male goes around asking people, “What is ethical
relativism?” He not only explains ethical relativism in his own words he goes around
and asks people what they think about it as well. In the video there is questioning
and brief moments through out the video where he discusses his input on the
matter. It’s more like a debate from his side of the road. Ethical relativism is
basically the belief that no one can judge another culture because each culture is in
right to there on morals and no one can judge them for their actions because there is
no universal moral rules. I agree with the man in this video because I believe the
human mind knows right and wrong. If a man kills another man he knows what he
has done is wrong. Rather or not he cares is up to how he was raised. I also agree
with him because his debate was clear to me and I understand where he is coming
from. Maybe I believe him because my culture does things I don’t agree with, but I
go along with it anyways. Like taxing, illegalizing certain things, not following the
constitution, and the crooked government that governs us. Proving the human mind
and conscious knows we just hold it in sometimes. A lot can be learned from this
video because he makes it easy to understand from anyone’s point of view. He puts a
little comedy in the video to keep the viewers interested.
He discusses and debates with many people about ethical relativism. He also gives
good examples in the video. He makes it clear in his belief there is wrong and right.
Therefore he goes against it and says you can judge cultures through right and
(c )
1. In your own words what did you learn about ethical relativism from this
2. Do you think this video describes ethical relativism?
3. What is your belief on ethical relativism?
4. If you’re for ethical relativism or against it write a 100-word argument why
or why not.
5. Give a couple examples of cultures that you think differ throughout society.
Finishing this assignment made me feel like a teacher of some sort. I do feel like
someone could learn about ethical relativism from this assignment. I think you
should continue this lesson in the future. Kudos!