Sintoukola Potash Project General The current deposit footprint

Sintoukola Potash Project
The current deposit footprint covers 28km2 of the 1,436km2 of the permit area. SRK Denver are the
appointed lead consultants on the project with a Definitive Feasibility Study planned for completion
in Q1 2013 with ramp up to production in 2015.
Sintoukola is a shallow, high grade, low cost, near term sylvinite project currently in the prefeasibility study phase with a maiden NI43-101 resource estimate delivered in Q1 2011 as follows:
The deposit lies within the Congo Basin located on the west African sea board and stretches from
Gabon in the north through the Republic of Congo to Angola in the south. The Congo Basin was
formed during the breakup of Gondwana Land which resulted in the separation of the African
continent from that of south America. The Congo Basin formed during this process and was filled
with approximately 900m of evaporitic sediments in a shallow marine environment. This sequence
of evaporites contains both carnallite and sylvinite formations the latter of which is the target
mineralisation for the project.
Exploration activities by a French exploration company (FRCP) in the 1960’s and 70’s identified
several Sylvinite and Caranallite prospects which are contained within a 1,436 sq km exploration
license held by Sintoukola Potash S.A. Sintoukola Potash is a ROC registered company whose major
shareholder and operator is Elemental Minerals Limited with a shareholding of 93%, the remaining
shareholders are Les Establissements Congolais MGM (5%) and Tanaka Resources (Proprietary) Ltd.
In April 2011 the Company’s maiden Mineral Resource statement was released that resulted from
Phase 1 exploration at Kola. Having set out an Exploration Target of 170 million tonnes to 300 million
tonnes of sylvinite grading at between 23.1% and 23.5% K2O, the Company released a sylvinitre
Mineral Resource in the indicated resource of 362 million tonnes and an inferred resource of 442
million tonnes, both grading at 19.6% K2O. Significantly, within that Mineral Resource the Company
defined a high grade zone containing an indicated Mineral Resource of 151 million tonnes and an
inferred Mineral Resource of 186 million tonnes, both grading at 25% K2O, which is approximately
40% KCl. The Phase 1 footprint was 28 km2 of the 1,436 km2 permit area