A review of last month`s guest poet, Tim Jones.

The Word No. 36. MAY 2015
Email newsletter of the Hawke’s Bay Live Poets Society.
NEXT MEETING: Monday 8th June. 7.30pm. Community Arts Centre, Russell St.
Hastings. Cover charge $5. Supper provided.
Bring your poems, bring your friends or all your relatives. Relax and enjoy
yourselves for this is a club night. Open mic. Up to three poems each.
MC Ian McQuillan
A review of last month’s guest poet, Tim Jones.
Because I was unable to attend this meeting I am printing a report I got from a
member who was there. I wish I had been able to come.
“Now for the guest, Tim Jones. I thought his presentation of his work was
absolutely superb. Not in a spectacular way. No, in a way that involved the
audience with him. He referred to a couple of our poets and he used people’s
names. And he wanted to get the name right. This demonstrated he was
interested in us. He kept up a patter between poems, making a little joke
occasionally. He read clearly, at a good, slower type speed so you didn’t miss
anything. He had a little exchange with Ian about Southland. Yes he captivated
the audience completely with these probably natural ways. He had books for
sale, but no entreaties etc. He allowed himself to be begged for a couple of
encores. But then he sensibly made it clear that the next was his completion.
So he stopped on a high.”
I believe Dave’s poem at the last meeting
involved some underhand dealings with a
MEETING ON MONDAY JULY 13TH Community Arts Centre, Russell St.
Hastings 7.30pm. Cover charge $5. Supper provided. One poem per local
poet.GUEST POET: Mere Taito. We met Mere at our Poets’ Conference in 2013
and I am very much looking forward to meeting her again.
There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.
Ray Bradbury