North Bend Elementary Middle School #81

North Bend Elementary
Middle School #81
Home and School Compact
“Great Expectations, Endless Possibilities.”
Patricia Burrell
Assistant Principal:
Erica Fortson
Phone: (410) 396-0376/0377
Fax: (410) 396-0380
North Bend Elementary Middle
School #81
We, the staff, parents, and community, are committed to ensuring that
each child at North Bend Elementary attains academic success.
North Bend Elementary School classrooms from pre-kindergarten
through grade eight are filled with young people who enjoy learning, are
confident, and feel accomplished because they possess the skills to
participate actively in their own learning. They are engaged in their own
schooling because their basic reading comprehension, mathematics, and
thinking skills are well developed. The students’ instruction throughout their
stay at North Bend Elementary School is logical and energetic.
North Bend Elementary School students have a loving appreciation
for books; they read and write fluently; they listen actively and speak
expressively; and they compute with ease and precision. All students
participate actively, and respond intelligently to a rich, fine arts curriculum.
Students who complete the elementary and/or middle school program
at North Bend Elementary School meet the criteria for entrance into citywide middle and/or high school programs.
The entire staff at North Bend Elementary School participates actively
in professional development that focuses on improving instruction. All staff
members feel that they are valued and are important contributors to student
progress. Morale is high.
Classrooms are safe, secure, clean, comfortable, and inviting learning
environments where parents, community members, and business partners are
visible participants in the education of North Bend students.
The entire student and adult community associated with North Bend
Elementary Middle School values open and honest communication, good
decision making, collaborative problem solving, and continuous growth.
We believe that the goal of education is to ensure that students are
given the opportunity to develop and grow intellectually, physically,
emotionally, and socially to their full potential. This goal cannot be
accomplished without the partnership of parents, teachers, and the
community, working cohesively as a support structure for our students.
Students must also realize that they are the nucleus of this structure and
therefore are contributing members to its success.
Looking at our parent involvement data, we find that there is a need to
mobilize and involve more parents and community representatives in the
education of our students. We must place more emphasis on showing parents
how school work can be reinforced at home.
We believe that parents who are involved in their children’s education
feel better about the accomplishments of their children and the role they play
in shaping their children’s education. Therefore, the following are agreed
upon roles and responsibilities that we as partners will carry out to support
student success in school and in life:
As the staff of North Bend Elementary Middle, we pledge to:
 Teach classes through interesting and challenging lessons that
promote student achievement.
 Endeavor to motivate students to learn.
 Have high expectations and help every child to develop a love of
 Communicate regularly with families about student progress.
 Provide a warm, safe, and caring learning environment.
 Provide meaningful, daily homework assignments to reinforce and
extend learning.
 Participate in professional development opportunities that improve
teaching and learning and support the formation of partnerships with
families and the community.
 Actively participate in collaborative decision making and consistently
work with families and my school colleagues to make schools
accessible and welcoming places for families which help each student
achieve the school’s high academic standards.
 Respect the school, students, staff, and families.
As a parent, I pledge to:
 Provide a quite time and place for homework.
 Read to my child or encourage my child to read every day.
 Ensure that my child attends school every day, gets adequate sleep,
regular medical attention, and proper nutrition.
 Regularly monitor my child’s progress in school.
 Participate at school in activities such as school decision making,
volunteering and/or attending parent-teacher conferences.
 Communicate the importance of education and learning to my child.
 Respect the school, staff, students, and families.
As a student of North Bend Elementary Middle, I pledge to:
 Come to school ready to learn and work hard.
 Bring necessary materials, completed assignments, and homework to
 Know and follow school and class rules.
 Learn the school pledge and act accordingly.
 Communicate regularly with my parents and teachers about school
experiences so that they can help me to be successful in school.
 Limit my TV watching and instead study or read every day after
 Respect the school, classmates, staff, and families.
Our children are our most important resource, and we each have a
responsibility to see that they receive the best education possible. As parents
and members of the community, you have ideas, talents, and time that you
can share with our school and our children. We NEED you to volunteer.
Please complete the form below and we will contact you.
Name of Parent: ________________________________________________
Name of Child(ren) & Grade(s): ___________________________________
Days you are available to volunteer:
___ Monday ___ Tuesday ___ Wednesday ___ Thursday ___ Friday
Times you are available:
___ Morning ___ Afternoon
Please check the areas where you would be willing to assist:
___ Cafeteria
___ Tutor
___ Reading to/with students
___ Classroom parent
___ Hall and/or door monitor
___ Fundriaser helper
___ Teacher assistance
___ School clubs or activities
___ Chaperone
___ Other (please describe): ______________________________________
Please tell us about yourself:
Hobbies & Interests: ____________________________________________
Special Skills: _________________________________________________
Talents: ______________________________________________________
Preferred Grade Level: __________________________________________
Major Area of Training: _________________________________________
Occupation: ___________________________________________________
I have read the North Bend Elementary Middle School #81 Home and
School Compact. I agree to honor and uphold my part in this compact.
Signature of Parent
Signature of Student
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