November Language Arts Menu

Maestra Ghahramani/
5th TWBI Class
November Language Arts Menu
(November 4th-29thh, 2013)
Due dates:
project: Nov.
2 project: Nov. 29th.
Choose one project to complete by Nov. 15th. 2013. Choose a second one to be completed by November 29th. Include the title and author(s) of the
reading materials you used as inspiration for your project. Do not turn in your project ahead of time. Four students will be chosen to give a 3- 5
min. presentation on their projects, be prepared to present.
On November 6, 1869, the first
intercollegiate football game was played
in the United States between Rutgers and
Princeton. Write the 10 basic steps on how
to play football. You may add illustrations
if you wish.
November is when Daylight Saving Time
Begins? Read a book or article on why this
event takes place. Then answer the following
questions in an essay form. When Does It
End? And Why? Daylight Saving Time:
Energy Saver or Just Time Sink? How and
When Did Daylight Saving Time Start?
Daylight Saving Time: Healthy or Harmful?
Aviation History Month
Visit a museum. There are many air museums across the United States.
Some of these will chronicle space flight and others will tell of the history of
airplanes. Search the internet to see if a museum is near you. Chances are
there will be one within a short drive. Write a short essay describing your
experience at the museum or make a collage with photos you took at the
museum and write a brief description of each photo.
World Kindness Day falls on November
13th. Read about the Random Act of
Kindness, think of one Random Act of
Kindness you can do for someone. Write
about your experience. How did you feel?
Why? Would you do it again? DO you
recommend someone else to do your
Random Act of Kindness?
If you need ideas, visit this link:
November is Peanut Butter Lovers Month
Create a new-unique recipe or modify an
already existing one with Peanut Butter.
Write up your new or modified version of
the recipe. Include photos or illustrations of
you in the process of creating your new
recipe and of your new creation. Include a
reflection on how your creation turned out.
Would you recommend it to your friend? Or
would you change something?
America recycles day is in November. Think of an item that you can
recycled/reused. It has to be something that is not already out there. Make a
video-commercial in which you are trying to convince your audience (your
teacher) to recycle/reuse the item you chose. Make sure you explain the
importance of why it should be recycled/reused and the benefits of
recycling/reusing that item. Imagine, that you entered a “Recycling Contest”
and if your recycling idea is chosen you can win up to $1,000. Don’t forget
to show case your item in the commercial
On November 2, 1889, North Dakota
became the 39th state of the United States.
On November 8, 1889, Montana became
the 41st state of the United States. Make a
PPT or make a timeline on how these two
states became part of the United States.
On November 9th 1989 the Berlin Wall
came down. East Germany opens its borders
to West Germany. Do a PPT or make a mini
book that explains how and why this
historical event took place. Include photos of
the Berlin Wall.
King Tut’s Tomb was found in November.
Read a book or article about King Tut and write a book report. Or write ten
interesting facts that you learned about King Tut (include a picture for each
fact. The pictures can be created from you.) You may create a model of
King Tut’s Tomb or of his head with clay, play-dough, paper or anything
else you can think of.
Darwin’s Origin of Species was first
published November. Read a biography or
an article about Charles Darwin. Then write
an essay about the life of Charles Darwin.
You can include pictures if you’d like.
On November 2, 1769, a Spanish
expedition reached San Francisco Bay.
Research this expedition and make a mini
book of their travels and a timeline, which
will show how long it took them to reach
National Sandwich Day
Create a new sandwich Give it a name. Remember this is your own unique
creation, so it does not exist. Include pictures of the steps you took to create
the sandwich. Include a reflection in which you say how your sandwich
came out and if you recommend it and why?
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