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Test: Ch. 15 & 17 The Maritime Revolution & The American Colonial System
F. Facts (2 pts.)
1. ____________________________________ Ships used by the Spanish & Portuguese in the exploration of the Atlantic
2. ____________________________________ Military religious order that promoted Christianity in all the Americas
3. ____________________________________ Term used to describe someone of European descent born in the New
4. ____________________________________ Located in Bolivia, one of the richest silver mining centers in colonial
Spanish America
5. ____________________________________ A grant of authority over a population of Amerindians in the Spanish
colonies; provided cheap labor and periodic payments of goods by the Amerindians
6. ____________________________________ Institution responsible for supervising Spain’s colonies in the Americas
from 1524-18th century
7. ____________________________________ Term used to describe someone of mixed Amerindian & European descent
8. ____________________________________ Term used to describe someone of mixed African & European descent
9. ____________________________________ Exchange of plants, animals, diseases, and technologies between the
Americas & the rest of the world following Columbus’ voyages
10. ___________________________________ A migrant to British colonies in the Americas who paid for passage by
agreeing to work for a set term ranging from 4-7 years.
11. ___________________________________ Group of English Protestant dissenters who established Plymouth Colony
in Massachusetts in order to seek religious freedom
12. ___________________________________ English Protestant dissenters who believed that God predestined souls to
heaven or hell before birth.
Multiple Choice (2 pts.)
13. _________ Which European country first began a
sustained campaign of exploration?
A. France
B. Portugal
C. England
D. Spain
14. __________ Vasco da Gama
A. Discovered Brazil
B. Developed the square-rigged sea ships
C. Rounded the Cape of Good Hope & eventually
sailed to India
D. Invented the astrolabe
15. __________ Which region is INCORRECTLlY
paired with a primary trade good?
A. Silver & Peru
B. Fur & Canada
C. Sugar & Brazil
D. Spices & Japan
16. _________ The Treaty of Tordesillas
Is an example of the diplomatic tactics
Europeans used in negotiating with Amerindians
B. Brought about a peaceful conclusion to the
Spanish takeover of the Inca
C. Provided ground rules for the slave trade
between Africa & the Americas
D. Established territorial borders for Spanish and
Portuguese colonization of the Americas
17. ____________ Social structure in Latin America
A. Was based on the social structure of the
Amerindians, with the Europeans simply imposing
themselves at the top
B. Quickly obliterated all aspects of native culture
C. Enforced rigid taboos against cultural blending
D. Evolved into a complex, yet hierarchical,
mixture of European, Amerindian, and African
18. ___________ What is a key difference between the
British and French colonial settlements in the W.
Indies and those of the Spanish & Portuguese
elsewhere in the Americas
A. Spanish & Portuguese settlements
developed a more complex social structure
than that of the British & French
settlements in the W. Indies
B. British & French settlements relied far
more on government involvement in the
C. The Spanish & Portuguese settlements
depended on slave labor, while those of
Britain and France allowed only
indentured servitude
D. Spanish & Portuguese settlements caused
much more physical damage than the
environmentally friendly sugar plantations
of the Caribbean
19. ___________ The Columbian Exchange
Brought epidemics to the Americas
Brought new plants & animals to the
Brought new plants & animals to AfroEurasia
One of the above
All of the above
I & II only
II & III only
20. ___________ How did the Columbian Exchange
affect Africa during this period?
A. New World crops such as maize, potatoes,
and cassava brought a new source of food
to famine-stricken areas of Africa
B. The demographics of Africa included
significant numbers of Europeans and
Americans by the end of the period
C. Large numbers of Africans succumbed to
New World diseases to which they had
never before been exposed
D. Livestock from the Americas such as cattle
and horses transformed African pastoral
21. ____________ The encomienda system instituted
by the Spanish in their Latin American holdings
was most like earlier serfdom in that
A. Both systems compelled laborers to work
for the landowners, but also, in theory,
they required the landowner to provide
for their health and safety needs
B. Both systems used Christianity as a
justification to force participants to
convert to the Catholic or Protestant faiths
C. Both systems allowed laborers to retain
their own small plots of land and then
share the bounty of that land with the
D. Both systems required men to serve as
militia in service to the landowner, if other
landowners attacked him
22. ____________ Chinese sea trade reached its peak
during the
Yuan Dynasty
Song Dynasty
Ming Dynasty
Silla Dynasty
23. ____________ Using the image to the left, Chinese
ships reached as far as Africa under the command
Wu Di
Zheng He
Pa Chen
Huang Dao Po
24. _____________ Portuguese & Spanish success
in exploring the Atlantic Ocean in the New
28. ____________ In Mexico, the most devastating
effect of the Columbian Exchange was
A. The increase in famine & water
B. Smallpox, which may have killed off
50% or more of the Amerindian
population in Mexico & Central
C. The influx (rise/or increase) of
European coins into the economy of
the region
D. The introduction of African slavery
A. Led to immediate and prolonged warfare
among the European nations
B. Made Portugal & Spain the wealthiest
nations in Europe in the 1500’s
C. Encouraged the Italian states to begin to
explore the Atlantic Ocean
D. Encouraged the Muslim states to begin to
explore the Atlantic Ocean
25. ____________ In an effort to head off conflict, the
pope divided the world between Spain & Portugal
29. _____________ In the Spanish colonies, the
colonizers adopted
A. The native language of the
Amerindians as the official language
B. Forced labor of the Amerindians
C. The Amerindian custom of mixed-race
marriages, which created a mestizo
D. Laws and trade devised by the
The Great Schism
A papal bull (Declaration/Law of the pope)
The Treaty of Tordesillas
A treatise of nonintervention
26. ____________ Despite the fact that disease greatly
helped Cortes in conquering the Aztecs
A. The Aztecs nearly defeated him in battle
B. He also had reinforcements from other
Amerindians hostile to the Aztecs
C. He never fought the Aztecs without having
overwhelming numbers on his side
D. He used siege warfare and starved the Aztecs
into surrender
27. ____________ In the Indian Ocean during the
1500’s, Portugal was able to control
The spice trade
All of southern Africa
All trade with India
All Indian Ocean trade
30. ____________ Unlike the Portuguese & Spanish
settlements, the English settlements in N. America
A. Encouraged the use of indentured servants
as their initial forced labor system
B. Brought slaves from Africa but did not use
them in their colonies
C. Encouraged all settlers to enslave
Amerindians as a labor force
D. Never adopted a forced labor system
31. ____________The most influential defender of the
Amerindians in the Spanish colonies was
The Council of the Indies
Bartolome de las Casas
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Hernan Cortez
32. ____________ Unlike in the Spanish & Portuguese
colonies, in the English colonies
33. ____________ Unlike the English colonies, the
French colonies in the Americas
A. Women had political and civil rights
B. Taxation was local, and no taxes were
assessed on exports
C. Trade with the Amerindians was not
D. Merchants survived by discovering
smaller but more sustainable profits in
diversified trade across the Atlantic
A. Resembled the settlement patterns of the
Spanish & Portuguese colonies
B. Existed without much direct aid from the
French government
C. Avoided the use of slavery, which they
viewed as a sin
D. Were limited to coastal settlements for
fishing and hunting
Matching (2 pts.)
34. _________ Antonio de Mendoza
A. Conquered the Inca in 1533
35. _________ William Penn
B. Conquered the Aztecs in 1521
36. _________ Tupac Amaru II
C. Chinese muslim eunuch; Sea commander of Chinese navy
37. _________ Hernan Cortes
D. Assisted Cortes in the conquest of the Aztecs
38. _________ Francisco Pizarro
E. Founder of N. American colony of New France at Quebec
39. _________ Ferdinand Magellan
F. Explorer; 1st to circumnavigate the world/globe
40. _________ Zheng He
G. Led an Amerindian rebellion vs. the Spanish
41. _________ Henry the Navigator
H. Established a Viking settlement in Newfoundland
42. _________ Leif Ericsson
I. African king who dealt with Portuguese; Christianized
43. _________ King Afonso I
J. Promoted the study of navigation & directed voyages for Portugal
44. _________ Bartolomeo Dias
K. King of the Aztec Empire at its fall
45. _________ Moctezuma
L. 1st viceroy of Mexico
46. _________ La Malinche
M. Established the N. American colony of Pennsylvania
47. _________ Vasco da Gama
N. 1st explorer from Europe to sail to India
48. _________ Samuel de Champlain
O. 1st explorer to sail around the southern tip of Africa
Short Answer (2 pts.) Questions 49-50 NO PARTIAL CREDIT
49. Using the space below, re-create the hierarchy model of the Spanish Colonial system/society.
50. Using the space below, re-create the “Cycle of Conquest & Colonization.” LOOK IN YOUR NOTES!!!!
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