Product Technical Statement - Nelson Pine Industries Ltd

Product Technical Statement
Issuing authority
PTS version and date
Nelson Pine Industries Ltd
PTS V1, Issue Date 9th March 2015
Name of manufacturer and
building product/system
Product description
Scope of use
NelsonPine LVL by Nelson Pine Industries Ltd
Conditions and limitations
Compliance with the New
Zealand Building Code
UT and H1.2 applications only for Structural products.
Replacement of NelsonPine LVL having a manufacturing defect.
NelsonPine LVL meets the structural and durability requirements
of the NZ Building Code Clauses B1 and B2 when correctly
installed with NZS3604 and NZS3602.
NelsonPine LVL provides clear links to evidence supporting:
 EWPAA LVL Grade Certification
 EWPAA Plank certification
Design and installation
NelsonPine LVL Specific Design May 2012
NelsonPine LVL8 H1.2 General Framing March 2015
NP Design Software
NP PLANK LVL Scaffold Plank September 2014
As per NZS3602
Third Party Auditing by EWPAA (Engineered Wood Products
Association of Australasia), ISO 9001, ISO14001, FSC.
Nelson Pine Industries Ltd
Lower Queen St
Nelson 7050
Phone 03 543 8800
Maintenance requirements
Quality assurance
Product support
Structural Framing, Scaffold planks
As per NZS3602, NZS3603, NZS3604, AS/NZS1576