2.0E Microllam LVL Technical Resource Sheet

­ .0E Microllam® lvl
beams and headers
This Technical Resource Sheet is a supplement to the Trus Joist® Beams, Headers and Columns Specifier's Guide, TJ-9000.
Please refer to TJ-9000 for additional design, construction, and product handling information for Microllam® LVL beams and headers.
Trus Joist® 2.0E Microllam® LVL
Weyerhaeuser is pleased to announce the availability of 2.0E Microllam® LVL.
During the design process, many factors are considered when determining
the size of a beam. Modulus of elasticity — commonly referred to as beam
stiffness — plays a very important role when it comes to achieving maximum
member span and an efficient, cost-effective design.
Market Availability
2.0E grade Microllam® LVL will soon be available in all U.S.
­markets. Consult with your local Weyerhaeuser representative
for timing.
Available Sizes
Widths: 1¾"
Depths: 5½", 7¼", 9¼", 9½", 11¼", 11⅞", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22"
and 24".
Lengths: up to 60'
Please call your local Weyerhaeuser representative for specific size
and length availability in your area. For additional specification
and design information on Microllam® LVL, refer to the Trus Joist®
Beams, Headers, and Columns Specifier's Guide, TJ-9000.
Code Evaluation: ICC ES ESR-1387
Design Stresses(1) for 2.0E Microllam® LVL
(Beam Orientation(2), 100% Load Duration)
Shear modulus of elasticity
Modulus of elasticity
Adjusted modulus of elasticity(3)
Flexural stress(4)
Tension stress(5)
Compression perpendicular to grain(6)
Compression parallel to grain
Horizontal shear parallel to grain
125,000 psi
2.0 x 106 psi
1,016,535 psi
2,600 psi
1,555 psi
750 psi
2,510 psi
285 psi
(1) Unless otherwise noted, adjustment to the design stresses for duration of load
are permitted in accordance with the applicable code
(2) For lateral connection design, use an equivalent specific gravity of 0.50
(3) Reference modulus of elasticity for beam stability and column stability
calculations, per NDS® 2005
12 0.136
(4) For 12" depth. For other depths, multiply Fb by d
(5) Ft has been adjusted to reflect the volume effects for most standard applications
(6) Fc⊥ must not be increased for duration of load
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Select 2.0E Microllam® LVL
in Forte® Software
Design and size our newest grade of
Microllam® LVL easily in Forte® software.
Simply go to the Materials Manager tab,
check the box for 2.0E Microllam® LVL — and start designing!
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