Study Guide Ch. 2.1 & 2.2


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STUDY GUIDE – CH. 2.1 & 2.2

1. What causes wind?

Winds form because of differences in ______________________ and the _________________ heating of

the Earth.

2. What does the Coriolis effect cause?

Global winds to _______________.

3. What causes a sea breeze?

__________________________heating and cooling of land and sea.

4. Over short distances winds blow from areas of ____________________ to ________________________.

5. Which types of global wind mostly affects the direction our weather comes from?

The Jetstream and the ______________________________.

6. What causes high pressure to form?

_________________ air sinking

7. Which layer of the atmosphere does nearly all weather occur?

The ______________________________


Air is __________________dense at higher altitudes.

9. Weather is the _____________ of the atmosphere at a given ________and_________.

10. The term “climate” best describes _________________weather patterns.

11 How do weather patterns generally move across the United States?

a. West to East b. East to West c. North to South d. South to North


12. What does the H on the weather map represent?

An area of __________ _______________.

13. A ________________________________________ is an instrument used to measure air pressure?

14. A scientist who studies weather is called a _________________________________.

15. Air takes up space, has mass, and ____________________.