Note sheet-Wind

What is wind?
 The _________ heats the Earth ______________, so there are many areas of _________
pressure and __________ pressure.
 Air moves from _________ pressure to _________ pressure forming winds.
 The ___________ the difference between the high and low pressure areas, the
____________ the wind speed is.
 Wind is ________________ _______!
 Why does air move??
 Wind _________ because of differences in _________ pressure. The greater the
pressure difference, the faster the wind moves.
 Why does the air pressure change?
 Because of the _____________ ____________ of the Earth. The air at the equator is
____________, and _______ dense so…it rises! This creates an area of low pressure.
 Remember Convection!!
 What are convection cells?
 The _____________ __________ caused by the rising and sinking of cold air.
 Surface winds blow from polar high pressure areas to equatorial low pressure areas.
 TRY THIS! At the ____________ the air is cold; at the ___________ the air is warm.
 What is the Coriolis Effect?
 The _____________ of moving objects, such as ________, by the Earth’s rotation is
called the Coriolis Effect.
 Winds in the Northern hemisphere curve to the __________.
 Winds in the Southern Hemisphere curve to the _________.