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250 Meerkat Street, Zesfontein, Benoni, 1501, Gauteng, South Africa
Michelle 0835569001 or Claire 0825364658
Fetse 349 Breeding Contract
This contract is for breeding to the Friesian stallion Fetse 349 owned by Quantum Stud. The
mare owner and Quantum Stud agree to the following terms and conditions:
1) Quantum Stud stands the Friesian stallion known as Fetse 349 and will breed to FPS
and FPSSA registered Friesian mares only. Semen shipped is to be used on only the
mare provided in this agreement. This agreement cannot be transferred or sold by
mare owner unless permission is given by Quantum Stud.
2) In order for semen to be collected and shipped for timely arrival, semen must be
ordered the day before the intended insemination and before 12h00.
3) The breeding fee will be R8000 (incl. VAT).
4) Requests for semen are to be made to the stallion managers.
5) We are closed on Saturday and Sundays, but arrangements may be made at times
under special circumstances.
6) The stallion manager must receive reasonable notice of desired collection and
shipment dates. Mare owner is to advise stallion manager upon start of the mare’s
cycle and contact the stallion manager again the day of the desired collection and
shipment. The stallion manager cannot guarantee shipment on the desired date
without this information. Semen for Fetse 349 can be shipped five days a week
(Monday through Friday).
7) The mare owner will be responsible for all costs involved in collection. Orders
cancelled after the stallion has been collected will be billed. Quantum Stud assumes
no responsibility for the loss of semen or semen viability caused by the carrier. There
will be no shipment on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or the day before a holiday.
8) Guest mares can be accommodated on the farm at a daily fee of R120 excl. VAT.
Veterinary services rendered on the farm for the guest mare will be done by
Embriosem (Dr. Duncan Prinsloo Jnr) and will be charged to the mare owner by this
practice (see attached sheet for costs). Services available include veterinary
palpating, ultrasound, Lutalyse injections, uterine cultures, AI, embryo transplantation
and other specialised work. In addition to reproductive health care; deworming and
farrier services will be available. All costs will be passed on to the mare owner.
9) Guest mares for Fetse 349 will be bred by artificial insemination and will be housed
at 114 Esther Road, Zesfontein, Benoni – the premises of Quantum Stud’s
specialised breeding station in association with Embriosem.
10) The breeding fee and 1st collection fee or 1st month’s board must be paid prior to the
shipment of any semen or upon the mare’s arrival to our farm. This will be deducted
from the total cost. All mare care and collection fees must be paid for at time of
shipment or mare’s departure. If prior payment has not been made at the time of
request for shipped semen, a request will be made first. No semen will be sent out
without payment and no mare will be released until payment is made in full.
11) The mare shall be of healthy and sound breeding condition. A veterinarian health
certificate and uterine culture and biopsy are recommended on all but maiden mares.
All guest mares must be vaccinated as per South African protocols. All guest horses
will be dewormed on the day of arrival. Farrier services will be available as needed.
12) If the pregnancy does not result in a live foal, the Live Foal Guarantee will apply. If a
live foal is not obtained within the current breeding season, the mare owner can use
Fetse 349 for the next breeding season for the same mare. No stud fee would be
charged, however collection, shipping and mare care fees will be charged.
13) The Live Foal Guarantee can be given only when:
- All costs involving breeding have been paid in full at time of breeding.
- Sufficient proof is provided that the mare has been vaccinated against diseases
that can cause abortion or damage to the unborn foal (a written statement
including vaccines and dates given).
- A written statement is provided from a licensed veterinarian documenting that the
foal has been unable to stand and nurse without assistance.
14) Return service privilege for the live foal guarantee must be used in the breeding
season subsequent to the date of this contract. If the mare specified in this contract
does not settle, or a live foal is not obtained, or the mare dies or cannot be used for
breeding in the following year after the date of this contract, another Friesian mare
may be substituted, subject to our acceptance of the mare.
15) The mare owner shall not be entitled to a refund of fees paid hereunder except if the
stallion should die or become unfit for service prior to serving the mare in the present
breeding season.
16) Quantum Stud cannot be held responsible in any way for any illness or injury to a
mare or to any other horse due to breeding to stallions of this company, nor for a
mare’s failure to conceive. It is understood that the breeding farm, its employees,
veterinarians, and guests shall not be liable for any injury, escape, disability, or death
of any horse on its premises.
17) The mare owner, whose horse(s) are under the care of the breeder, will not be liable
or responsible for any damage, injury or death to the breeding farm employees,
veterinarians, or other animals in the care of the breeder, whether or not caused by
his horse.
18) A Breeding Certificate will be issued to the mare owner after being notified that the
foal was born safely and has met the criteria for “Live Foal”.
19) The mare owner understands that each shipment of semen will contain one dose of
semen. A second dose will be included in the shipment only after all orders are filled
and additional doses are still available. Priority will be given in the order the contracts
were received. To insure your place on the top of the list, we encourage you to return
this contract with payment in full early.
20) The mare owner should have their mare checked for pregnancy at approximately 15
days after ovulation. This allows for time to handle any issues around possible twin
embryos as well as give the mare owner and Quantum Stud time to prepare for the
next breeding cycle if the mare did not settle. It is agreed that mares bred shall be
checked for pregnancy by a licensed veterinarian approximately 45 days after the
last date of insemination. Failure to accurately report status of mare in question in a
prompt manner could render the live foal guarantee null and void
21) This contract cannot be assigned or transferred by the mare owner. There shall be
no right of return to the stallion if the mare is sold or otherwise changes ownership.
22) The mare owner acknowledges full agreement with the above contract by signing
and returning this contract to Quantum Stud.
Please fill out all mare and owner information and return this contract to Quantum Stud.
Fetse 349 Breeding Contract
This contract applies to breeding the following FPS registered Friesian mare:
Reg. #:____________________________________________________________
Microchip number or Tongue code: ______________________________________
Name of Mare owner:__________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
By signing below I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms and
conditions set forth in the Breeding Contract for Fetse 349.
Signature of mare owner:__________________________________________
Signed at ___________________________________on _____/______/ 20_______
Please include a copy of your mare’s registration paper.
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