Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Dr. Ragab Abdel-Mohsen El-Mergawi
Dept. of Plant Production and Protection,
College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine – Qassim University
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +9660564106057
email: [email protected]
Born: 10th June, 1955, married, three children
B.Sc. ( Plant Biochemistry )Ein Shams University, 1977
M.Sc. (Plant Biochemistry) Ein Shams University, 1987
Ph.D. ( Biochemistry) Cairo University, 1992
Academic Employment
Qassim University, College of Agriculture, Saudi Arabia (2008 – present).
Full Professor
National Research Centre, Egypt (2005 – 2008).
Full Professor
National Research Centre, Egypt (2002 – 2005).
Associate Professor
Omar ElMokhtar university, Libya (1997 – 2002).
Associate Professor
National Research Centre, Egypt (1992 – 1997).
Postdoctoral Researcher
I am interested in various fields of plant biochemistry. Over the last years I especially
focused on those areas: production of plant secondary metabolites, metabolism of
phenolic compounds, phytoremediation of toxic pollutants, quality of organic vegetables
and fruits, antioxidant activity and antioxidant constituents.
Scientific publications
1- El Hateeb M.A.; S.M. El-Naggar and R. A. El-Mergawi (1988). Effect of GA3 and
CCC on oil and chemical composition of tuberose. Zagazig J. Agric. Res., Dec.,
15(2): 269-284.
2- El-Naggar, S.M.; M.A. El-Khateeb and R.A. El-Mergawi (1988). Effect of some
growth regulators on vegetative growth and flowering of tuberose (Polianthes tuberose
L.). Zagazig J. Agric. Res. 15(2): 207-223.
3- Osoman, M.A.; A.S. Afify, E.E. Habba; S.M. El-Naggar and R.A. El-Mergawi
(1994).Seasonal variation of alkaloids and some constituents of Panceratium
maritimum. Egypt J. Appl. Sci, 9(10): 454-464.
4- Osman, M.A.; A.S. Afify; S.M.; El-Naggar; E.E. Habba and R.A. El-Mergawi
(1994). Physiological effect of nitrogen stress on alkaloids and major constituents of
Panceratium maritimum. Egypt. J. Appl. Sci., 9(10): 880-893.
5- Hussein, H.F. and R.A. El-Mergawi (1996): Nitrogen metabolism in maize (Zea
mays, L.) seedlings as affected by atrazine. Annals Agric. Sci., Ain-Shams Univ.,
Cairo, 41(2), 541-549.
6- El-Mergawi, R.A. and Mahssen, M.A. Sidkey (1997). Efficiency of growth and
accumulation of sesquiterpene lactones of Ambrosia maritima plant. Egypt. J.
Physiol. Sci. 22, 239-254.
7- El-Mergawi, R.A. and H.F. Hussein (1997). Effect of sublethal dose of glyphosate
on protein quality of Vicia faba seeds. Arab Univ. J. Agric. Sci., Ain-Shams Univ.,
Cairo, 5(1), 1-10.
8- Hussein, H.F. and R.A. El-Mergawi (1997). Stimulatory effect of atrazine and
primextra on maize nitrogen accumulation under various nitrogen forms. Arab Univ.
J. Agric. Sci., Ain-Shams Univ., Cairo, 5(1), 17-28.
9- Mahassen, M.A. Sidky and R.A. El-Mergawi (1997). Relationship between
growth, biosynthesis and accumulation of major active constituents of Ambrosia
maritma and some exogenous and endogenous factors. Bull. Fac. Agric. Univ.
Cairo, 48:631-654.
10- El-Mergawi, R.A. (1997). Role of shikimic acid pathway inhibitors and
allelopathic effect of Icerya purchasi on metabolism of aromatic alkaloids and
phenolics of Panceratium maritimum. J. Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ., 22(11): 36653674.
11- El-Mergawi, R.A. (1997). Effect of some inhibitors of shikimic acid pathway on
phenylalanine ammonia lyase activity and accumulation of amino acids, phenolics,
indoles and alkaloids of Catharanthus roseus G. DON. J. Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ.,
22(12): 4343-4354.
12- El-Mergawi, R.A. (1997). The role of enzyme inactivation in the regulation of
synthetic the aromatic alkaloids and other related constituents in sprouting bulbs of
Narcissus tazetta. J. Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ., 22(12) : 4355-4363.
13- Rady, M.R.; Abdel-Wahed, M.S.A. and R.A. El-Mergawi (1999). Proline
accumulation in Vicia faba callus cultures under various culture conditions. J. Agric.
Sci. Mansoura Univ., 24(7): 3427-3437.
14- El-Mergawi, R.A.; Habba, E. El. And Farahat, M.M. (1999). Response of onion
(Allium cepa L.) to different growth regulators under new reclaimed area conditio J.
Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ., 28(2) :931-946 .
15- El-Mergawi, R.A., M.S.A. Abdel-Wahed and M.S. Abdel-Hady (2002).Level of
trigonelline during germination of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum –graecum ) seeds in
the presence of nicotinic acid and sodium chloride. Egypt. J. Agron. 24: 103-119.
16- Abdel-Wahed, M.S.A E.R. El-Desoki and R.A. El-Mergawi (2003). Influence of
the herbicide (thiobencarb) and sitosterol on rice plants (Oryza sativa L.). J.
Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ. 28 (3): 1655-1671.
17- El-Mergawi, R.A. (2003). Sensitivity of faba bean cultivars to low glyphosate
doses and the efficiency of IAA as indicator to glyphosate effects. Egypt. J. Hort.
30: 197-214.
18- El-Mergawi, R.A. and M.S.A. Abdel-Wahed (2003). Influence of salicylic acid on
Cathranthus roseus growth and vincristine formation under different water
regimes. Egypt. J. Hort. 30,179-196
19- El-Sawy, A.; O.E. El-Syed and R. A. El-Mergawi (2003).Production of
sennoside compounds and banding pattern variations between explant-derived
calli and their selected lines in Cassia obovata. Egyptian – Syrian
Conference, El- Minia, Egypt, 8-11 Dec. (2003).
20- Farahat, M.M. and R.A. El-Mergawi (2003). Response of potato to some
growth substances under organic and inorganic fertilization. J. Agric. Sci.
Mansoura Univ. 28 (2): 931-946.
21- Ottai, M. E. S.; A.S.H. Abdel-Moniem and R.A. El-Mergawi (2003). Effect of
variety and location on growth and yield components of Roselle, Hibiscus
sabdariffa L. and its infestation with the spiny bollworm, Earias insulana
(Boisd). International Conference "Flax and Allied Fiber Plants for Human
Welfare". NRC, Egypt, 8-11 Dec.(2003).
22- Bekheet, S.A. and R.A. El-Mergawi (2004)Factors affecting cell growth and
production of sennoside in suspension cultures of Cassia angustifolia L. Arab
Univ. J. Agric. Sci., 12 (2): 749-759.
23- El-Mergawi, R. A. and M. S. A. Abdel – Wahed (2004)Diversity in salicylic acid
effects on growth criteria and different indole acetic acid forms among faba
bean and maize. Egypt. J. Agron.,26,49-61.
24- Youssef,A.A.;R.A.El-Mergawi and M.S. Abd El Wahed (2004). Effect of
putrescine and phenyalanine on growth and alkaloid production of some
Datura species. J. Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ. 29 (7): 4037-4053.
25- Hussein, F. H. , R. Kh. M. Khalifa, R .A. El-Mergawi and A.A.Youssef (
2006).Utilization Of Treated Municipal Waste Water For Growing Some Aromatic
Plants To Produce Volatile Oils And Study Its Nutritional Status In Arid Region.
2nd Inter. Conf. on Water Resources & Arid Environment (2006). 26-29
November 2006, Riyadh, kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
25- Ashour,E.H.;R.A.,El-Mergawi and S.M.A.,Radwan (2006).Efficacy of
Pseudomonas to phytoremediate nickel by canola (Brassica napus L.).J.
Applied Science Research, 2(7): 375-382.
26- El-Mergawi, R.A. (2007).Phytoremediation: New safety technology for
environmental protection from different pollutions( Review Article). National
Conference for Environment Protection Pollution. Qassim University, Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia ,18-21 March (2007).
28- Ibrahim,M.M.; M.E.S., Ottai and R.A. El-Mergawi (2007) . Selfing mating effect
on growth traits and silymarin production of some selected lines among milk
thistle ( Silybum marianum L. ) varieties . World J. Agric. Sci., 3 (1): 97-104.
29- Taie Hanan; R.A., El-Mergawi and S., Radwan(2008). Isoflavonoids,
flavonoids, phenolic acids and antioxidant activity of soybean seeds as
affected by organic and bioorganic fertilization. American-Eurasian J.
Agric. Environ. Sci.,4(2) :207-213.
30- Abouziena, H.F.; R.A., El-Mergawi; S. Sharma; A.A., Omar and M., Singh
(2009). Zinc antagonizes glyphosate efficacy on yellow nutsedge ( Cyperus
esculentus). Weed Sci., 57(1): 16-20
31- Al-Humaid, A. I. ; H. M. Mousa; R. A., El-Mergawi and A. M., Abdel-Salam
(2010). Chemical composition and biological evaluation of three types of
dates mixed with camel milk as a protective meal against lipid peroxidation
in rats. Amer. J. Food Tech. 5 (1): 22-30.
32- El-Mergawi, R.A. and K.N. Al-Redhaiman (2010). Effect of organic and
conventional production on antioxidant activity, antioxidant constituents and
nutritional value of tomatoes and carrots in Saudi Arabia markets. J. Food
Agric. Envir., 8 (3& 4): 2 5 3 - 2 5 8.
33- Osman, K.; A.I., Al-Humaid and R. A. El-Mergawi (2011). Safety methods for
chlorpyrifos removal from date fruits and its relation with sugars, phenolics and
antioxidant capacity of fruits. J. Food Agric. Envir., (accepted).
34- Al-Humaid A.I., R.A. El-Mergawi (2011). Phenolic profiles and antioxidant
activities of ten date seed varieties from Saudi Arabia (Under press).
35- Al-Dikhil M., M. Al-Soqeer, M. I. Motawei, R. El-Mergawi and N. AlKhalifah (2011). Genetic variation and chemical traits as descriptors for
evaluation of selected new jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis (Link) Schneider)
clones (under press).
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