Pattison InductorPro - Pattison Liquid Systems

Spray Management System
Operators Manual
Congratulations on the purchase of your Inductor Pro!
 Read and understand the Operators manual and follow all
safety signs
 Only trained, competent persons should operate the
Inductor Pro.
 You are responsible for the safe operation of this unit
 Wear protective gear, which should include but not be
limited to:
 Wet weather gear
 Safety goggles
 Neoprene or rubber gloves
 Respirator or filter mask
 Always read and understand pesticide labels
 Knife and spear assembly is very sharp, do not put hands in
Safety Decals
Operation Orientation:
How the system works:
Fresh water enters the system from the left, using the 13HP – 3” motor and
pump combination. With the valve in the By-pass position, allows the
operator to fill the sprayer without inducting pesticide into the system.
Putting the valve in the Venturi postion will allow the operator to induct
pesticide into the fresh water fill line, from either bulk/tote containers or the
on board batch tank.
The venturi system operates on principles of suction. As water is forced
through the venturi it creates pressure build up on the inlet side of the
venturi. The higher the pressure the greater the volume of suction.
How the system works: “continued”
As pesticide is being inducted from bulk containers, it passes through the
metering system. The flow meter, “Raven 60P”, has an internal turbine that
registers flow as product passes through it. It requires a minimum flow rate
of 5 liters per minute.
The Raven 60P flow meter is wired to the external display “Flow Max 110”
mounted on the front panel. The external display requires a 12 volt power
source which it gets from the onboard battery required to start the gas
Read and understand enclosed operators manual for the Flow Max 110.
“Ensure calibration numbers have been entered properly”
Valve Descriptions:
1. Venturi/By-pass valve,
a. Venturi position– Closes by-pass and forces water through venturi
b. By-Pass position – Opens by-pass and allows full flow to sprayer
2. Main On – Off valve,
a. Main On position – Allows flow to continue to venture outlet
b. Main Off position – Closes all flow to the venture outlet, all flow is
directed to rinse system and batch tank
3. Tank/Tote valve,
a. Tank position – Allows venturi to draw product from batch tank
b. Tote position – Allows venturi to draw product from totes
4. Quick Rinse valve,
a. Closed position, allows venturi to draw product from totes
b. Open position, opens valve to rinse system
5. Tote valves,
a. Open position, allows valve to draw product from totes
b. Closed position, Closes valve to stop flow from the totes
a. Batch tank valve – Closed to fill tank, open when tank is to be emptied
b. Three valve rinse/wash system – top valve when open, flush’s batch tank,
middle valve when open supplies clean water to the wash hose, bottom valve
when open operates tank rotating flush system.
a. Container spear and knife assembly, with rinse system
b. Activating the jug rinse valve while the container is placed over the knife
assembly will rinse the contents out of the container
Operator should become familiar with all functions of the Inductor Pro
prior to using it with pesticides.
Operating Instructions:
After the Inductor Pro has been installed into its operating position, and all
inlet and outlet hoses have been attached, check all plumbing for leaks.
Before using with a pesticide, use clean water to check the system for leaks.
Also use clean water to check on the operation of system and flow meter is
metering properly.
Using system with bulk product:
Position bulk container within close proximity of the Inductor Pro. Attach
hose (rigid, non-collapsible) between bulk container and tote hook up
valves. Ensure hose and fittings are secure and do not allow air to enter the
system. Turn on meter external read out (Flomax 110). *Ensure that meter
has been previously calibrated. Quick rinse valve must be closed. Put the
tote/tank valve into the tote position. With pump idling allowing a steady
flow of water to be pumped to sprayer, activate the venturi valve and open
the tote valve to allow product to be drawn from the bulk container. Turn
off tote valve when required amount of product is emptied from bulk
Return Venturi valve to By-Pass position to complete filling the sprayer with
required fresh water.
Using system with jugs/ smaller containers:
Four blades with a sharp point are located in the 30 usg. batch tank. This
device is used to puncture and split the bottom of the container. Once the
container is split and contents is emptied, activate the jug rinse valve to
rinse the container. Put the tote/tank valve into the tank position. With the
By- Pass, Venturi valve in the venturi position draw product from the tank.
Once containers are emptied use the roto rinse and tank flush valves to
clean the batch tank. Once all containers are emptied and triple rinsed,
return the By-pass valve to by- pass position to finish filling the sprayer with
fresh water.
 Always triple rinse and ensure system is clean when changing from
one pesticide to another.
 Never leave pesticides in the system for an extended period of time.
 Completely clean and drain system prior to storage. Ensure liquid is
not trapped in low areas, which may freeze and damage
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